WHO warns of a change in the dominant COVID strain in the world

WHO warns of a change in the dominant COVID strain in the world
WHO warns of a change in the dominant COVID strain in the world
21 July, 21:17In the worldPhoto: Лента.ру
The strain of coronavirus infection COVID-19 "delta" in the foreseeable future may become dominant in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

So far, physicians do not have a clear understanding of why delta is widespread in some countries and not in others.

"It is expected to quickly gain the upper hand over other options and become the dominant variety of coronavirus in the coming months", - the WHO report was quoted by Kommersant.

In some countries, the delta strain is already very widespread. This happened in Russia, Australia, Great Britain, China, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa and a number of other countries. In them, the "delta" already accounts for up to 75% of newly detected cases of coronavirus.

Along with the "delta" found in 124 countries, the "British" strain of "alpha" circulates around the world, the presence of which has been noticed in 180 countries. The South African beta strain has been diagnosed in 130 territories, and the Brazilian gamma strain has spread to 78 countries.

In just a week, 3.4 million people worldwide fell ill with covid. This is 12% more than a week earlier. If the spread of infection does not slow down, in 3 weeks the number of infections will exceed 200 million. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, over 191 million people have become ill with covid, of which more than 4.1 million have died. About 57 thousand people die from the virus every week.

In many countries, the so-called "excess mortality" is additionally recorded, which is not formally associated with COVID-19. However, due to the collapse of the medical system with the influx of infectious patients, patients suffering from other diseases continue to die without proper medical care, since a significant part of the national health systems are reoriented to covidaria.

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