Joe Biden says pollution is the cause of his cancer

Joe Biden says pollution is the cause of his cancer
Joe Biden says pollution is the cause of his cancer
21 July, 13:49In the world
US President Joe Biden, during a speech on climate change and pollution, said that his skin cancer was the result of his life in a big city, where there are many oil refineries.

Then the White House clarified that we are talking about Biden's long-standing illness, with which he fought even before he was elected head of state.

Biden said he lived in Claymont, Delaware. When he was driven to school in cold weather, he had to turn on the windshield wipers to "wash the oil stains off the glass."

“This is why I and so many others I grew up with have cancer, and why for a long time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the country,” the New York Post quoted the president as saying at a speech in Massachusetts.

White House press secretary Andrb Bates noted that Biden was referring to the removal of the tumor. After Bates reposted the publication of The Washington Post editor Glenn Kessler, who advised "to read Joe Biden's medical certificate."

“He had non-melanoma skin cancer removed before he became president,” Kessler said.

Recall that in the memoir "Keep the Defense: A Life Dedicated to Defending Democracy and American Values," the former White House doctor assessed the behavior of the current leader of the United States during his election campaign. He drew attention to the serious cognitive problems of Joe Biden. Then the Republican congressmen asked the incumbent American president to take a test for cognitive impairment.

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