China factory fire kills 36 people

China factory fire kills 36 people
China factory fire kills 36 people
22 November, 07:50In the world
At a factory in the Chinese province of Henan (the center of China), in the city of Anyang, a fire broke out in a building owned by Kaixinda Trading. At least 36 people became victims of the incident.

According to the CGTN TV channel, two people were injured, two more are considered missing.

The Anyang Fire Department received a report of a fire in Wenfan District. Firefighters arrived at the scene and put out the fire.

It's worth reminding that Henan is located in the east of the central part of the country. Its administrative center is the city of Zhengzhou. The world's largest iPhone factory, Foxconn, is located there.

In early autumn, we recall, in the same province, in the city of Changsha, a 200-meter skyscraper caught fire. The fire broke out in the China Telecom building, the fire quickly spread to dozens of floors.

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