NATO moves troops to Eastern Europe

NATO moves troops to Eastern Europe
NATO moves troops to Eastern Europe
24 January, 16:55In the worldPhoto:
NATO announced the expansion of its military presence in Eastern Europe in connection with the aggravation of the conflict on the territory of Ukraine. The countries included in the alliance are transferring their troops, warships and aircraft to Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania.

This is stated in the message on the website of the alliance.

So, Denmark will send its frigate to the Baltic Sea. In addition, four F-16 fighter jets will be sent to Lithuania. Their task is to patrol the airspace.

Spanish ships are also joining the alliance's naval forces. The country is also considering sending its fighter jets to Bulgaria. The Netherlands will also send two F-35 fighters to this country. A Dutch Navy ship and several ground units also intend to join NATO forces.

The readiness to send troops to Romania was confirmed in France.

In addition, the United States is now also considering the possibility of increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe. In particular, the possibility of transferring troops to the Baltic countries, as well as to the countries of Eastern Europe, is being considered. In addition, it is planned to transfer aircraft and warships. While we are talking about the transfer of up to five thousand American troops, however, in the event of a deterioration in the situation, we can talk about 50 thousand American troops.

Recall that earlier Western media accused Russia of seeking to unleash a new war in Ukraine. To do this, according to Western countries, Russia sent its military to the Ukrainian borders. In Russia, the accusations are denied, stating that the military is there on exercises.

Since January 10, Russia, the US and NATO have already held several meetings on security issues. Russia demands from Western countries a guarantee not to expand the alliance to the east, as well as a refusal to deploy American military bases in the countries of the former Soviet Union. NATO has previously refused to guarantee that Ukraine will not become a member of the alliance.

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