The court obliged the President of Brazil to wear a mask

The court obliged the President of Brazil to wear a mask
The court obliged the President of Brazil to wear a mask
24 June 2020, 23:56In the worldPhoto: AP
The Brazilian Federal Court has ruled to oblige President Jair Bolsonaru (pictured) to wear a face mask when he appears in public places in the capital and the federal district. At the same time, Jair Bolsonar was skeptical of the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Back in March, the Brazilian publication O Dia and the American television channel Fox News reported that Jair Bolsonaru’s test for COVID-19 had a positive result . Previously, his assistant fell ill. Bolsonaru himself immediately called this information false, as it later turned out that he did not really have a coronavirus infection, but for a long time he was an opponent of quarantine measures. He ignored the recommendations of both the World Health Organization and the Brazilian Ministry of Health on the need to maintain social distance. From the outset of the pandemic, Jair Bolsonaru refused to acknowledge the seriousness of the disease caused by COVID-19 and referred to it as "a mild cold".

In June , the Brazilian Ministry of Health began to hide the total number of coronavirus cases in the country, the total number of deaths, as well as data on the distribution of COVID-19 by region. According to the American Johns Hopkins University, now 1.1 million people have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection in this country, 52,645 patients have died. Brazil ranks second in the world in the spread of infection, and cases of infection daily increase by several thousand or even tens of thousands.

The requirement to wear masks was introduced in the Brazilian federal metropolitan area as early as April 30, the Kommersant newspaper reported . Since May 11, a fine of two thousand Brazilian reais ($ 387) is imposed for violating this requirement. Despite this, the president is regularly seen without a mask when he meets with fellow citizens, communicates with his supporters and voters. At one of these meetings, the cameras of the journalists caught him at the moment when he was coughing without covering his mouth, on the other he sneezed, covering his mouth with his palm, and then he shook the hand of an elderly woman with that same hand.

Jair Bolsonaru also calls for the resumption of stores, companies and enterprises as soon as possible and calls the measures taken by the country's health system "going to extremes." Meanwhile, the latest federal court decision equated President Bolsonar with regard to violation of the mask regime to ordinary citizens, and Jair Bolsonar could now face a fine for the lack of a mask.

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