French experts decrypted the data of the "black boxes" of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 shot down in Iran

French experts decrypted the data of the "black boxes" of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 shot down in Iran

24 July 2020, 20:45In the worldPhoto:
The decoding of the "black boxes" of the Ukrainian International Airlines passenger plane shot down on January 8 in Iran was carried out by French experts for four days and confirmed the fact of "illegal external influence on the plane".

This was announced on Twitter by the French Bureau of Investigation and Analysis of Civil Aviation Safety (BEA), reports.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yevgeniy Yenin confirmed the successful decryption of the flight recorder data.

"The data was successfully decrypted, despite the external damage to the black boxes. The technical investigation began immediately after the disaster, decoding is one of its stages", - Yenin explained.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 is far from complete.

"There are still many important questions that need to be answered", - quoted by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" the head of the Transport Safety Council of Canada Katie Fox.

The flight recorders of the downed Ukrainian airliner were sent to France, since it is there that they have the necessary technical capabilities to decipher the information. The work of the French experts was carried out jointly with their colleagues from Ukraine.

Boeing 737, flying PS 752 Tehran-Kiev, crashed on the night of January 8 near Tehran. As the Iranian authorities later admitted, the Ukrainian plane was shot down by Iranian missiles by mistake. All 176 people on board were killed. In addition to the nine crew members, the plane had 167 passengers from Iran, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan. 11 Ukrainian citizens were killed.

The tragedy occurred on the night of an Iranian missile attack on a US base in neighboring Iraq after the assassination by the Americans of a prominent Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), an elite part of the Iranian Armed Forces, took full responsibility for the downed airliner, admitting that it mistook the passenger plane for a cruise missile.

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