Lukashenko is about to fire teachers who support protests

Lukashenko is about to fire teachers who support protests
24 August 2020, 14:59In the worldPhoto: БелТА
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded to fire school teachers who support the opposition and protests. He stated this in response to the report of the Minister of Education Igor Karpenko.

“If someone has moved to another camp, we also need to deal with them”, BelTA quotes the head of the republic.

He also stressed that in Belarus both schools and ideology are state.

"And those who want to follow these principles, please, you are welcome: go teach, work. Those who do not want to, they should not be at school. This should be said directly, frankly and honestly”, - Lukashenko said.

He assured that it was necessary to start the school year, whatever the cost.

- If we get crumpled and the beginning of the school year, it's really bad. You remember how we ended the school year in connection with the coronavirus and the wariness that was in society, especially among our parents. Excessive vigilance, as we now understand, - said the president.

Earlier, Lukashenko ordered the closure of enterprises that supported the strike.

Let us recall that protests and strikes began in Belarus after the final voting day on August 9. After the official results were announced, according to which Lukashenka won, gaining 80%.

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