EU starts seizing accounts of Belarusian enterprises

EU starts seizing accounts of Belarusian enterprises
EU starts seizing accounts of Belarusian enterprises
25 December 2020, 16:17In the worldPhoto:
The accounts of the Belorussia sanatorium belonging to the Administrative Department of the President of Belarus and located in the Lithuanian Druskinikan sanatorium were frozen.

According to media reports, accounts of "Belorussia", opened in the Swedish bank Swedbank, were frozen on December 18.

"We were warned in advance no one, we have not received any letters that the accounts had been arrested, we learned only after attempts to carry out transfers", - EADaily quoted the words of the head offices of Ilya Yepifanova.

Yepifanov clarified that, as it was explained, the accounts were arrested in connection with the coming into force of the EU sanctions against Belarus.

"We specifically visited the EU page, which lists companies subject to sanctions. There is not a word about the sanatorium in Druskininkai. Nevertheless, we cannot use the company's money, although for the vast majority of its employees this is the only source of income", - said Yepifanov.

It should be reminded that after the August 9 presidential elections in Belarus, protests began in the republic - the opposition does not agree with the official results, according to which Alexander Lukashenko won.

The European Union called Lukashenko an illegitimate president and adopted three packages of sanctions against the republic. The sanctions list adopted on October 2 included 40 Belarusian officials. The second package of sanctions was adopted on November 6, when the EU imposed restrictions on Lukashenka and high-ranking Belarusian officials.

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