Europe's first unmanned electric bus started working

Europe's first unmanned electric bus started working
Europe's first unmanned electric bus started working
26 February 2021, 17:04In the world
On the roads of Malaga, a city in southern Spain, a week ago, an electric bus, capable of operating autonomously, entered.

This is the first experience of its kind in Europe, AFP reports. An eight-kilometer route connects the port of Malaga with the city center. The electric bus covers this distance six times a day.

According to the employees of the transport company Avanza, engaged in the project, the electric bus works using artificial intelligence, and always knows "where it is and what is happening around". In particular, he knows how to interact with traffic lights along the route: they are equipped with sensors that warn the electric bus when they turn red. Externally, the electric bus, which was developed by the Spanish company Irizar, is no different from the usual: its length is 12 meters, it can accommodate 60 passengers.

A self-driving bus with passengers appeared in Singapore last month, carrying passengers through the local Science Park during peak hours. In China, pilotless taxis are being tested in several cities. There are also several projects in Europe testing autonomous vehicles. However, Malaga was the first to launch a regular city bus that runs with other vehicles.

It should be noted that, despite all the technologies and the autonomous operation mode, there is still a driver behind the wheel of the Malaga electric bus: Spanish legislation does not yet allow vehicles to work without a driver. In addition, if necessary, a person can take control.

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