Edited “confessions” in the assassination attempt on Lukashenko shown on Belarusian TV

Edited “confessions” in the assassination attempt on Lukashenko shown on Belarusian TV
Edited “confessions” in the assassination attempt on Lukashenko shown on Belarusian TV
26 April, 11:05In the worldPhoto: news24-tv.ua
The Belarusian state TV channel ONT showed video fragments cut into one second and edited, in which the defendants in the case of the preparation of the “attempt” on Alexander Lukashenko declare their “confession of guilt”.

The footage depicts lawyer Yury Zenkovich , former Lukashenko's press secretary-political scientist Alexander Feduta and leader of the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) Grigory Kostusev. In short videos of "confessions", cut into 1-2 seconds each, all three of them declare to the camera that they allegedly admit their guilt.

“'I plead guilty", - Zenkovich says in the program, looking down. “I admit my guilt”, - Kostusev said. “I plead guilty to participation in the conspiracy”, - Feduta said, Novaya Gazeta quotes the text of the confessions of the detainees.

A video about the "conspiracy" was released in the ONT program Antifake. The historian Stanislav Knyazev stated that the "attempt" on Lukashenko was allegedly prepared by the trio of those detained with the help of "about 150 off-road vehicles with heavy machine guns". The attackers allegedly intended to seize Lukashenko’s residence in these cars and “shoot the president” from grenade launchers.

At the same time, according to Lukashenko himself, the conspirators allegedly prepared a certain house with a basement in the Gomel region, in which it was allegedly planned to “torture” Lukashenko. Before or after the "execution" of the head of state, he was supposed to be abducted and "tortured", the authors of the TV program did not specify.

“It was assumed, under the cover of the invasion, that they would reach Minsk from Lithuania (there is not such a great distance, you can reach it in 3 hours). And take the residence from large-caliber machine guns and shoot the president", - Knyazev said.

The authors of the video stated that the detained Zenkovich and Feduta, who were being followed in Moscow, were allegedly only "informants", and the main directors of the "conspiracy" were in the United States.

Earlier it became known that the KGB of Belarus charged Feduta, Zenkovich, Kostusev and the fourth unnamed defendant with conspiracy to seize power by unconstitutional means (part 1 of article 357 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus).

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