Lukashenko decided to make changes to the constitution of Belarus

Lukashenko decided to make changes to the constitution of Belarus
Lukashenko decided to make changes to the constitution of Belarus
26 June 2020, 16:19In the worldPhoto: Белта
During the annual message to citizens and the National Assembly, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that he would not want to leave the current version of the constitution to his successor, since it should meet the interests of the republic in modern conditions.

“I am convinced that the balanced and thoughtful work of the expert community will lead to the creation of an updated Law that meets the interests of our country and our citizens at the present stage”, - Belta quotes the Belarusian president.

According to Lukashenko, changes to the constitution are necessary because Belarus has passed the stage when the country needed strong power - "this is what we have".

“It is not necessary to share power - power is indivisible. It is necessary to load other structures and branches of power with power,” Lukashenko said.

According to him, he is not yet ready to voice specific changes that will be made to the country's Basic Law, since "these are only options" and the concept of changing the constitution is now only at the development stage. Lukashenko promised to tell about what specific changes await the constitution of the country after receiving "final proposals from different sections of our society".

Judges of the Constitutional Court - “high-class specialists” are working on proposals to amend the constitution. Then, party members join in the discussion of options so that as a result a “verified document for discussion at the presidential level” appears.

“Several options have already been offered to me, but they are not good. People are simply afraid to make more drastic changes to the constitution. I think we need to do this. Even before the adoption of the Constitution, we will generally do a lot in terms of transferring powers down to the chairmen of the district executive committees, the governor”, - said the President of Belarus.

He also said that the text of the updated constitution should be prepared in two years. The Belarusian leader considers the “backward movement” a return to the 1994 constitution of the country.

Earlier, Kommersant reported that Lukashenko spoke about plans to amend the country's Basic Law at the end of April, saying that a constitutional change should happen within the next five years.

The presidential election in Belarus, in which Alexander Lukashenko has run for the sixth consecutive term, is scheduled for August 9.

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