The medical board investigating the death of Maradona revealed medical errors

The medical board investigating the death of Maradona revealed medical errors
The medical board investigating the death of Maradona revealed medical errors
27 April, 10:12In the world
The medical board, which is studying the circumstances of Diego Maradona's death, found that the doctors did not provide proper assistance to the former football player.

This is reported by the Clarn newspaper and the Todo Noticias TV channel, referring to the report of the medical commission.

"With his medical indicators, he should have been treated in a different way", - the report quotes the publication.

The material says that the doctor and psychiatrist did not pay due attention to Maradona's heart problems and cirrhosis.

At the same time, the conclusions made by the commission run counter to the testimony of the nurse, who stated that she heard the patient walking around the ward in the morning at 7:30. The medical board concluded that he died between 4 and 6 in the morning. Death was pronounced at 13:15. Before that, they tried to revive the ex-football player for 45 minutes. The media indicate that by that time, Maradona's body was already cold.

Clarn, referring to lawyers, points out that the prosecution article in the case of Maradona's death may be toughened from "causing death by negligence" to "causing death with indirect intent" or "failure to provide assistance resulting in death".

Under the current article, the perpetrators face punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to five years, under the new article - 25 and 15 years. Currently, seven people are considered accused.

We will remind that last month in Argentina, protesters went to protests and demand an investigation into the death of Maradona. The fans are sure that the player was killed. With these posters, they took to the streets of Buenos Aires.

Maradona passed away last November at his home in Tigris, where he was recovering from surgery. He was 60 years old. As the autopsy results showed, the football player died from acute pulmonary edema. The disease was caused by an exacerbation of chronic heart failure. Fans believe that the cause of the death of a football player could be the negligence of doctors. Prior to that, the footballer was treated at a private clinic in La Plata. On November 4, surgeons successfully operated on him - the legendary football player and coach was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma after a head injury.

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