It has started! Poland has already passed a law abolishing personal immunity

It has started! Poland has already passed a law abolishing personal immunity
It has started! Poland has already passed a law abolishing personal immunity
27 October 2020, 18:30In the world
Under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, in this country it is now possible to detain and forcibly treat anyone suspected of spreading the infection

As you know, Article No. 2 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being in Connection with the Application of the Achievements of Biology and Medicine says that "The interests and welfare of an individual shall prevail over the interests of society or science..." and Article No. 5 of the same The Convention states: "Medical intervention can be carried out only after the person concerned gives his free written consent..."

However, today, humanity is watching how these provisions are grossly violated, writes an analyst under the nickname Antiscientism in his blog, confident that the most gloomy predictions about the goals of the so-called coronabesy have begun to come true - humanity is turning into a herd before our very eyes. The blogger gives the most recent examples of this. They are from Poland.

It adopted a law that any citizen who is suspected of spreading " dangerous infectious diseases" can be subjected to coercive measures, up to: 1. Detention (temporary short-term immobilization of a person with the use of physical force.) 2. Immobilization - (long-term deprivation of a person legal capacity with the use of belts, pens, sheets or straitjacket.) 3. Forced administration of a drug (immediate or planned therapeutic introduction of a drug into the human body - without his consent). The fact that this is a real law, and not a fake, can be seen here.

In support of his words, the blogger also cites one extremely characteristic quote from the law: “A person who does not undergo compulsory vaccination, sanitary and epidemiological tests, sanitary procedures, quarantine or isolation of involuntary hospitalization, and who is suspected or diagnosed with a particularly dangerous and highly contagious disease that poses a direct threat to health or life, a measure of direct coercion may be applied, including withholding, immobilization or compulsory administration of drugs..."

Thus, all the preliminary quarantine measures, such as wearing masks and gloves, as well as self-isolation, were only a massive preparation for the most important act - for general vaccination. Which is now legalized.

The blogger has no doubt that exactly the same process will go on in other countries, and the most developed ones, like Australia or New Zealand, will give the rest an example.

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