But the Soviet liberators were forgotten! North Korea brazenly falsifies the history

But the Soviet liberators were forgotten! North Korea brazenly falsifies the history
But the Soviet liberators were forgotten! North Korea brazenly falsifies the history
29 April 2020, 00:27In the world
North Korean school history books do not mention the role of the Soviet army in the creation of this country.

This very remarkable fact was published by the historian Pavel Puchkov:

"Curious. The DPRK authorities eliminated absolutely all references to the role of the Red Army in the liberation of the peninsula. Andrei Lankov in a new book quotes a North Korean history textbook:

“The beginning of the 34th year of the Era of Juche (1945) brought the end of Japanese imperialism even closer. The fall of the Japanese imperialist scum was only a matter of time. Beloved Generalissimo calculated all this and began to work even more selflessly in order to accelerate the Liberation of the Homeland. Beloved Generalissimo planned how our people will be able to defeat Japanese imperialism and liberate their homeland on their own [It is said so, black and white; "On their own" and "on their own." - A. L.]. In the Kanbeksan camp on Mount Pektusan, parts of the glorious Korean People's Revolutionary Army operating in the northern part of the country were assembled. [...] Beloved Generalissimo set specific tasks for each unit in the direction of the offensive and in the areas of military operations. [...] The Great Leader Generalissimo Kim Il Sung, having completed his preparations, on August 9, the 34th year, Juche gave all parts of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army an order for a general offensive for the liberation of the Motherland. Under the blows of the People's Republic of China, in a blink of an eye the entire line of the frontier defense of the enemy collapsed. Parts of the People’s Republic of China liberated the Sebel district and began to advance towards Sonbon. [...] At the same time, units advancing by sea, in collaboration with land units, landed in Sonbon on August 11 and launched an attack on Cheongjin. Meanwhile, the remaining parts of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, having inflicted powerful blows on the enemy, were rapidly moving through the territory of Korea. " (Lankov A.N. North of the 38th parallel. How they live in the DPRK. M., 2020. P. 60–61)

This is an obvious falsification of history, because there was no PRC in August on the Korean Peninsula, exclusively Soviet troops fought! V.M. Tikhonov estimates the loss of the 25th army in 1963 of a soldier and officer (killed and wounded) (Tikhonov V.M., Kang Mangil. History of Korea: in 2 vols. T. 2. XX century. M., 2011. P. 160) . The “Russian cemetery” is operating in Pyongyang, there are 15 mass graves in the country (but, as I understand it, nobody touches the graves in Europe).

I suspect that the Russian embassy in the DPRK is aware of the local dominant historical narrative, but I have never heard of any complaints against the comrades from Pyongyang regarding the belittling role of the USSR in the liberation of their country. Apparently because they are just comrades, and it will not work to mobilize the Russian public with this plot. But somehow inconsistently it turns out ... "

Meanwhile, in the DPRK capital Pyongyang, there is still the “Liberation Monument” - a monument to Soviet soldiers who fought for the liberation of Korea in 1953 (pictured)

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