Letter to the Editorial Board: Society is Moving from Immorality to Outright Satanism

Letter to the Editorial Board: Society is Moving from Immorality to Outright Satanism
30 March , 17:00In the worldPhoto: shafa.ua
Novye Izvestia receives many letters from readers every day. Thank you for this lively connection, for reporting on painful issues, share your thoughts on current issues. One of the recent letters touches upon important topics worthy of broad public discussion and reflection.

Irina Vasina, public figure, Moscow

“Dear editors of Novye Izvestia, we will talk about that very mental war, which has recently been increasingly mentioned in the context of current events; this term accurately describes the situation.

Recently, news constantly throws food for thought on the topic of where we - society - are still slipping. And the conclusions you come to are truly frightening.

For example, the other day Novye Izvestia reported that the Brooklyn-based company MSCHF and rapper Lil Nas X have released 666 pairs of shoes that play up the demonic style. The sole, according to the press release, contains 66 milliliters of red ink and one drop of real human blood (donors unknown).

And in early March, the leaders of the Temple of Satan in Texas filed a lawsuit demanding that they be allowed to have "abortion on demand." According to the plaintiffs, abortion is their "religious right", writes the Dallas Observer . Satanists claim that their "religious freedom" is being violated because in terms of worshiping Satan, the abortion of human babies is a sacrament similar to the way Christians receive communion or are baptized ... The lawsuit was filed on behalf of an anonymous pregnant woman from Texas who reported that " Texas abortion laws violate her religious beliefs. "

It is hard to believe that this kind of news is the truth, and not the plot of a horror movie. However, it is true.

But let's see what is happening here, in Russia, which is considered a country of believers, whether someone likes it or not. It's just a fact. So, there is a feeling that we are now "in the global trend" and are actively moving from immorality to outright undisguised Satanism.

For many thinking people, it has long been no secret that undermining trust in religion and moral foundations in Russia is often done by companies and individuals directly funded by state or near-state funding.

Let's start with the Centralpartnership company, funded by Gazprommedia .

As a film distributor and copyright holder on the territory of the Russian Federation, this company posted the film "Silence" by the famous director Martin Scorsese in the public domain on social networks. More than 20 years ago, this director was noted for the blasphemous film "The Last Temptation of Christ" (in his time, Saint Paisios Svyatorets himself took part in the rally against its screening, the schema monks of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, one of the most respected Greek elders and spiritual leaders of the Greek people of the 20th century, monk of Mount Athos, known for his ascetic life, spiritual instructions and prophecies), but Scorsese decided to continue what he had begun and in 2016 released his "Silence".

Like many devilish ideas, everything here is presented hidden and subtle. The idea of the film is that, in principle, you can renounce, the main thing is “to believe in your soul”, and keep the little icon so that no one sees it. So, in the course of the film, a terrible blasphemy occurs - in scenes of renunciation, people spit on the Crucifixion and step on the Icon. And all this is shown in maximum detail, despite the fact that, according to art historians, these scenes could be shown differently, "by other artistic means."

I have a question (rhetorical): how did it become possible to show something like that in a country generally considered Orthodox? Where was the brains of the Centralpartnership management when they decided to show the film without cutting out such scenes?

But the experience of "cutting out" certain scenes from the "Centralpartnership" company, of course, is, and what else. For example, in the film "Rocketman" (biography of singer and musician Elton John), they cut out whole semantic pieces, because of which the audience lost the thread of the narrative; blame for everything - scenes of "same-sex" kisses.

But in the case of Scorsese's The Silence, Centralpartnership decided that once again the feelings of believers could be ignored. But believers are still one of the main pillars and supports of the state system of our country. Again, whether someone likes it or not, this is also a fact.

Further, I would like to say about the director Timur Bekmambetov , a mysterious and closed character. His film company Bazelevs regularly receives government funding. I think that Bekmambetov's views were fully manifested in the film "Wanted" (in 2008 he raised $ 50 million in the American box office and took second place), moreover, in a scene that most viewers did not consider the main one, and many completely forgot about it.

In this picture there is a character named The Butcher, he is a contract killer. Throughout the film, he wears a T-shirt with a picture of something that can be seen only by looking carefully if desired. At the end of the film, the main character deprives him of his life, stabs him with a kind of stake right into the center of the chest, and then hits him on the stake and on this T-shirt with his foot. As much as possible, several times. So, there is an image of the Mother of God on the T-shirt. The costume designer in this film is Bekmambetov's wife (who was married to him at the time).

And such scenes as the murder of the Butcher, according to experts in the field of filmmaking, are filmed for at least three to four days, with a lot of rehearsals, repetitions, shooting angles and so on. So any chance in this matter is simply ruled out.

It turns out that this blatant satanic blasphemy is the director's manifesto? And at the same time Bekmambetov has been regularly receiving state money for many years, putting on films for young people: "He is a Dragon", "Hacking Bloggers" ...

Another indirect pet of Gazprommedia is a YouTube show produced by people from TNT , it is called What Happened Next.

The show is extremely popular, with views exceeding 10 million people; the main audience is teenagers and young people. The fact that in this show, basically, swearing and obscenity - everyone has already turned a blind eye to this. But the guys decided not to stop there. In one of the most popular episodes, which received more than 23 million views, comedian Denis Dorokhov was a guest. There was such a "joke": "I want you ... mother!".

Then came the neighing and further development of the topic. This is an eloquent example of how once again taboos are lifted and people are encouraged to descend to the level of animals. And pigs - where they eat, they defecate there, and copulate with just anyone there.

By the way, we also have a "wonderful" Morgenstern . No face, no skin, no voice, no talent. The only "merit" from the point of view of the producers is that I agree to everything. And here you go: three sixes on the forehead - and it seems like the main star of the country.

Three years ago, on Instagram, when very few people knew him, he had 1 million subscribers and a tour was posted. I even then asked my colleagues a question - who is this, with three sixes on his forehead, no one knows him, but he already has a whole tour of 20 cities and so many subscribers! And how do you like the "beautiful" rapper texts: "you chew my *** like a burger," then in the meaning - you, "nipple", say thank you for letting me stand at the commissar's body, go, ***, there next in line.

Just a "wonderful" role model - just what future wives and mothers need. After all, the girl who jumps in the club to such songs no longer seems wild, for example, to leave the child alone in the apartment for two days, or even toss it somewhere, so as not to interfere with the “chewing” of the “burger” of the “star”, or to stand for a longer time at the commissar's body.

What is a "moral and ethical weapon", undermining the foundations and foundations - these are our smart "Western partners" know much better than us. They can revealingly kiss Lady Gaga, motivating and inspiring our, Russian, imitators, but at the same time they meet their families at symphony concerts based on the works of Grieg and Massenet.

They are not stupid and practice good hygiene of the soul. And for bio-waste, their recommendation is as follows: small-town morgensterns, eljei and other oxymiron.

Further. Only the lazy was not indignant at the Body Worlds exhibition at VDNKh with dancing corpses, about which Novye Izvestia has repeatedly written. Although - stop: someone really was not indignant, but on the contrary - admired. Someone who really loves a beautiful life, good restaurants, handbags and turbans from Louis Vuitton ... Christina Potupchik.

Once upon a time, a photo of Potupchik was actively walking on the networks, casually counting "black cash" in a certain beautiful office. But for Christina, all these photos are sheer nonsense, like water off a duck's back, she dusted herself off and went on to steer the network of telegram channels.

Potupchik actively admires the exhibition of corpses and encourages people to go to it. In addition, Christina is very fond of Satan, posts his image on her Instagram (once - even at Christmas). Some media outlets, for example, "Red Spring", drew attention to this. So Duddy is also a Satanist?

The telegram writes that Christina receives considerable sums from the state to maintain a number of telegram channels. Who, curiously, of the officials who allocate money to Christina, share her views?

I would like to conclude this letter of reflection with the words of one of my acquaintances: “In terms of the reality of the predicted events, I have long perceived the Apocalypse as something real, as something that will surely happen ... It's like a commuter train schedule”.

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