Dozens of decomposing bodies found in trucks at Brooklyn funeral home

Dozens of decomposing bodies found in trucks at Brooklyn funeral home
Dozens of decomposing bodies found in trucks at Brooklyn funeral home
30 April 2020, 15:01In the worldPhoto: The New York Times
Dozens of decomposing bodies of people presumably dead from a coronavirus, were accidentally found in trucks at the Brooklyn New York funeral home.

Local residents complained on the stench emanating from cars parked near the funeral home. When the police arrived, dozens of rotting bodies were discovered.

It is not yet clear how many of the detected people died from the coronavirus, local authorities said. If the trucks did not break down the freezers, and the locals did not feel the stench, the bodies could not be found. According to The New York Times , city morgues, cemeteries, and crematoriums have been overwhelmed with dead bodies in recent weeks. The publication called the epidemic the largest since the Spanish flu a century ago. According to the American publication, at least 14 thousand people have already died from the complications caused by the new coronavirus.

“The increasing flow of bodies daily arriving from hospitals and nursing homes leads to the fact that local crematoriums and cemeteries do not have time to cremate and bury people. Some funeral homes had to use refrigerators to store the bodies of the dead. Temporary morgues are being created in the city, ”the publication writes. According to reporters, the fact that decaying corpses were found in broad daylight in rented wagons proves the magnitude of the problem the city is facing. The coronavirus killed almost five times more people in New York than the famous attacks of September 11, 2001, during which the twin towers, the business center of the city, were destroyed.

The source of the publication said that the temporary overexposure of the bodies of the dead in this way is unacceptable and can serve as a source of environmental pollution. Now the police sealed the street where trucks with bodies were found as a crime scene.

The number of patients with coronavirus in the United States exceeded 1.039 million people. Over the past day, the disease was detected in another 25.3 thousand. From a new disease has already died 60.9 thousand infected. Mortality was 5.86%.

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