Riots and clashes with police spanned over 10 US cities

Riots and clashes with police spanned over 10 US cities
Riots and clashes with police spanned over 10 US cities
30 May 2020, 12:10In the worldPhoto:
Multi-day protests, which escalated into riots and clashes with police in Minneapolis due to the death of black American George Floyd after police detained him, broke out in 10 major cities in the United States. In Minneapolis, an emergency mode was introduced the day before.

According to the Associated Press, an emergency mode has already been announced in Atlanta, Georgia, where protesters staged a pogrom in the CNN editorial building.

Clashes of thousands of protesters with police forces take place in New York, Albuquerque, Fountain, San Jose and Houston, accompanied by numerous acts of vandalism, arson and robbery. In several cities, police used tear gas. There are many victims, the police detain participants in the riots, but the exact number of detainees and victims is still unknown.

In a number of cities, riots were preceded by peaceful demonstrations. Americans demand a fair investigation into the case of the death of Floyd. It is reported that during the demonstration in Washington, the White House was closed.

It is noted that such major unrest in the United States has not been since 2016.

In Minneapolis, the emergency regime was declared and the units of the US National Guard were introduced into the city at the request of the Governor of Minnesota Tim Wals. The Pentagon has ordered the army to alert American military police units for deployment in Minneapolis, AP reports citing sources.

Mass protests in Minneapolis and other US cities began after an eyewitness was posted on the Internet May 25, in which police detained black George Floyd. The harsh detention, in which one of the four officers involved in it, kept Floyd on the ground, pressing his knee on his throat, led to the death of the African American from strangulation. The day before, police officer Derek Chauvin was taken into custody and charged with manslaughter. Police officers who detained the deceased along with him were previously dismissed from service.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the death of a black American, George Floyd in Minneapolis, during the detention was not just a “death” but a “murder,” and this crime must be investigated to the fullest extent of the law.

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