"Don't give up": Anthony Hopkins celebrates 45 years of sober life

"Don't give up": Anthony Hopkins celebrates 45 years of sober life
"Don't give up": Anthony Hopkins celebrates 45 years of sober life
30 December 2020, 14:40In the worldPhoto: твиттер Энтони Хопкинса
Oscar-winning actor reveals how being sober saved his life

The famous actor will turn 83 tomorrow. And yesterday he marked another important date for himself - 45 years without alcohol. On this occasion, Hopkins filmed a one- minute video message for his Twitter page to support those who are struggling with their addictions in these difficult times.

“On this day 45 years ago, I woke up in anxiety. Then I walked a straight road to disaster. I drank myself to death. One short thought woke me up: "Do you want to live or die?" I answered - to live. And suddenly I felt that the mountain fell off my shoulders, and since then my life has become amazing".

Video:твиттер Энтони Хопкинса

Hopkins admits that even today he sometimes experiences doubts and experiences moments of weakness, but still forces himself to hold on and hopes that his fans will succeed: “Today is the same tomorrow that you were so worried about yesterday. Young people, hold on. Don't give up, keep fighting. Be brave and you will feel that the universe supports you".

It is known that Hopkins, a Welsh by birth, in his youth had the same problems as many of his other compatriots who were the pride of British theater and cinema: Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris ... After starting his already successful career went up the hill, making him one of the world's most beloved movie stars.

The Oscar-winning actor conducts the pandemic at his home in Malibu, from where he gets in touch with fans from time to time by posting videos on his social networks.

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