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23 May
Ukrainian diplomats refused to discuss the topic of Crimea at the UN
Representatives of Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA and Estonia refused to participate in the UN Security Council on the "Arria formula" meeting...
US will give $ 250 thousand for exposing Russian misinformation on coronavirus
The US State Department’s Bureau of International Relations is ready to issue a grant to “expose the misinformation of Russian health care”. The...
21 May
In Peru, an official pretended to be dead while checking for observing the quarantine
According to the Peruvian newspaper Comercio, the mayor of one of the Castrovirrein provinces in the west of the country crawled into a coffin and...
Germany freed Nord Stream from EU directive
The German Federal Network Agency granted the Nord Stream gas pipeline a 20-year exemption from the application of the EU gas directive.
20 May
WTO world trade Index has fallen to record low
The World Trade Organization (WTO) World Trade Index fell to its lowest level since the indicator was launched four years earlier. In May, the...
19 May
“Judea is ours”: The political crisis in Israel, lasting for 508 days, is over
The government of national unity of Israel, which administered an oath on May 17, became the thirty-fifth in the history of this country. And this...
Cautiously and gradually: Europe weakens quarantine
European countries open the hotels, beaches and museums, but people still have only to dream about the festivals.