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You don't need more: why you can't refuse from the Unified National Exam
5 February 2021, 21:08
You don't need more: why you can't refuse from the Unified National Exam
Within the framework of the current state model, it's impossible to create anything better and more difficult than the Unified National Exam (YEGE).

Historian Pavel Puchkov explained in his publication why the Unified National Exam is so good in modern Russian realities:

“About the Unified National Exam. I don't like him terribly either, and I completely agree that such an exam rather interferes with the educational process than helps. Focusing too tightly on standards, format, fantasies of the writing team, etc. The content is lost, the best graduates know some models and interpretations that are not very relevant, which will then have to be knocked out of their heads in good universities. I am sure that good teachers would have spent the time allotted for preparing for the Unified State Exam with much greater benefit (there is nothing to discuss about the bad ones).

And now - BUT. You and I have built a state that is good at doing very simple things. Well, or things of average complexity. Can quickly make a high-quality vector vaccine (because it's not a new thing in principle), can assemble a flying plane or a shooting tank, can make a good system of electronic services. But it cannot do anything new and complicated. The Unified State Exam is a bike that sucks, but rides. It provides a degree of transparency that was previously unavailable, and, believe me, will not be available with any other model that HERE THIS state can create (there is no other). In the exam, you can see how the compilers and experts screw up, and you can beat them for it (rhetorically, of course). If all the critics of the Unified State Exam helped us a little more in the summer, Artasov would have already been fired, and the new team of compilers of the Unified State Exam in history behaved smarter, taught by the bitter experience of predecessors.

So I have two simple points:

1) within the framework of the current state model, nothing is better (= more difficult) to create the USE;

2) no mechanism that ensures a citizen receives a public service will work well without civil supervision and control.

I will gladly join any anti-secret campaign, but not earlier than I receive proof that you and I, friends, have learned to control the state (including its universities).

P. S.

My message is clear: let's learn to control and force to modify this form, because it makes it possible to track its faults. Let's learn - let's go further. Maybe at the same time we'll learn something else. I never urge you to be patient..."

One of the commenters on this post agreed with the author:

“I don't see an adequate modern alternative yet. Only screams from the scoops about returning to the Soviet exam. But the USE is over 15 years old! Pupils do not even imagine that it is possible otherwise! To refuse the USE is again to shake the education system and to irritate all participants. Not to mention the fact that I passed and prepared for the soviet exam for many reasons he is disgusting..."