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Wealthiest Dee: "The real purpose of the pandemic lies at the end of the game, it's a digital dollar"
7 May 2020, 16:47
Wealthiest Dee: "The real purpose of the pandemic lies at the end of the game, it's a digital dollar"
“The whole point of the hysteria surrounding the pandemic lies at the end of the game: money, guys, that's the point!”, - says Wealthiest Dee, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency network experts in the Russian-speaking YouTube.

It is not known who is hiding behind this nickname, however, its spectacular videos gain tens and hundreds of thousands of views, and the entire channel as a whole has already been watched about 8 million times. "I am not a financial guru, I am an ordinary person who is interested in crypto and does + buys research on this subject," the description of his channel says. In a recent video, Rich Di predicted the imminent emergence of digital currencies.

“The statement that all cash degenerates and only digital remains in use is not a conspiracy theory at all, but a real trend.

But this will not happen until the appropriate technologies appear. The United States does not have them yet, but they are actively working on their implementation.

Look: now, even with the help of a phone, you can already complete a transaction along with credit cards.

Coming modern slavery. Low salaries, high rents, high interest on student loans, expensive products and a ban on cash.

Prohibit cash and weapons - and the game will be over. Crypt is the next step in this infamous plan.

We finally got a sign, a signal that a digital dollar, digital wallet and digital identification will appear.

Welcome to the matrix! You can go here, but you can’t go out. Congratulations, here is your new world currency!

Government officials and regulators around the world have already expressed their support for the digital US dollar.

Recently, the States said they are exploring the possibility of creating their CBDC (Central Bank digital currency) - that is, the Central Bank's Digital Currency.

Blockchain will be used to track any transaction made by anyone. All this is a million times more than what Orwell wrote about.

Hello Big Brother, Hello USA!

With the advent of digital currency, they may prohibit certain purchases. Weapons and ammunition, for example, which are considered a bad, illegal purchase.

The Fed's digital wallet will not allow such purchases.

Gold and silver bullion is also against the rules of the new digital Fed wallet. Such purchases and investments will be prohibited.

Understand what matters? This is what really happens.

The whole point of the hysteria surrounding the pandemic lies at the end of the game. Money guys, that's the salt!

When there is no cash and all transactions are digital, it will not matter which clown Krusty runs Washington, it does not matter who you vote for. Dot.

You will do what they tell you when they tell you and how they tell you.

That is, yet the end of the game is not so much about money - because they can print all the money in the world, but about total control. And this is what is coming.

The control will be finalized soon.

And when they finish, you yourself will beg them to take cash in exchange for digital money.

All this has been planned for a long time. Hints soared in the air: the rejection of paper money in favor of digital.

And there will be no better moment to implement it than now.

The motive is a pandemic. Not surprisingly, they try to get people to not use cash, supposedly out of fear of transmitting the virus.

They set us up for a fully digital single world currency.

Baby-boomer generation oil oligarchs have lost petrodollar. The current media panovida is an ideal cover.

The reality is that New York and London baby boomer oligarchs on stock exchanges steal the retirement of other boomers around the world, while at the same time recommending that they hide in the basement.

The petrodollar system of the USA and Great Britain collapsed overnight. Oil entered the zone of negative prices at the time of the creation of this video.

The ability to determine and control the price of oil and coronavirus - these two things have become a cover for the stock market crash.

It takes one currency to manage everything. One currency to value oil. And one currency to bind nation states.

The coronavirus-economic collapse seems to repeat the action of the game “Event 201”.

The repetition of the plot is perfect, everything is as planned. Other markets will succumb in a month or two.

All this is the biggest economic shock in our life!

Prices will fall on everything except food and taxes.

Bankrupt oil companies will suck hundreds of millions of dollars from pension funds.

Russia, which brought down the oil market, is a participant in a chain attack organized jointly with China.

In general, the digital US dollar will appear soon, there is no doubt about it.

Financial assistance to citizens in the digital dollar is what is expected. But there is nothing free. Hyperinflation is inevitable.

History is written by those who control the rule makers.

But what about digital currencies that banks do not use and thus avoid control by the government and central bank?

This is their worst nightmare! That is why they want to control Bitcoin technology.

Is there a better way to control the movement of money and the value of our labor? They simply allow early users and investors to take all risks until the technology is sufficiently tested.

What will be next? Implementation of the inflation tool by expanding the Fed supply.

The digital currencies of central banks will increase the central entity’s ability to prohibit individuals or sovereigns from participating in economic exchanges, limiting them to barter trade.

In any case, all taxes and transaction fees will return all money to daddy.

Theft is the only dish on this menu. The rich will be saved, and the poor can only rely on themselves.

The middle class is not taken into account at all.

The system has always taxed the middle class to bribe the lower class so that it votes for the upper class.

What the elites do not understand is that without an active middle class it is impossible to glue society together.

And this means that they should start to be afraid of shovels and pitchforks. Especially those held by well-educated people.

To fully take control of our lives, they need to know what we spend money on, where we were and what we did.

And cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - but not Bitcoin itself, it's just a rehearsal, a pilot project of their digital currencies.

They need to introduce their new world currency. In the end, absolutely everything in this world will be digital, at least among developed nations.

By the way, the Fed is gradually, step by step, increasing the number of cryptographic widgets in order to facilitate the global liquidation of cash under the guise of simple help to those who refuse to use banking operations.

Like, they do not have access to banking services, which means we must help them. This is a lie and fraud.

Friends, you do not need either dollars, or "libra", nor "stable coins", nor treasury currencies. You need a convenient means of saving and payment. Nothing more. And the more transparent, the better.

It is necessary to put an end to globalists and their central banking system. And then start encouraging free enterprise, honest money and barter. ”