Abbas Gallyamov: "Government of the country has switched to the regime of political special operations"
7 July , 19:57
The situation in which all political decisions are carried out by the Kremlin in the form of special operations almost completely paralyzes the work of the country's bureaucratic apparatus.

An interesting forecast was made on his blog by political analyst Abbas Gallyamov:

“By organizing a special operation to amend the Constitution, the Kremlin temporarily seized control of the agenda. Now the latter will begin to return to the hands of the opposition. Once again, the main political news will be reports about whom and in what Navalny accused; where, against whom and in connection with what the next public began to protest. The authorities will sadly broadcast about the next congress of "United Russia" and the ONF (All-Russia people's front) forum.

To keep the initiative in their hands, the Kremlin will have to launch a new special operation - for example, early elections to the Duma. In the coming years we will live like that. In the mode of political special events.

The problem is that working in this format, the bureaucracy completely ceases to fulfill its current responsibilities. She feels well that the bosses are in priority, and what hands do not reach. Special operations are bad in that at the time of their conduct, questions of the day-to-day functioning of the system are in the margins. This means that one part of the system will bubble and fiercely rotate with its eyes, and all the rest - remaining outside the field of primary attention - will gradually degrade..."