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The darkness of the Middle Ages and the horror of hypocrisy: why are they attacking Artyom Dziuba?
9 November 2020, 23:58
The darkness of the Middle Ages and the horror of hypocrisy: why are they attacking Artyom Dziuba?
As Novye Izvestia has already reported, a scandalous video continues to circulate on the Internet, in which the captain of the Russian national football team, Artem Dzyuba, is masturbating. In this regard, a serious scandal erupted in the media and on social networks.

For example, the head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov hastened to declare that he is not waiting for the player at the training camp:

“The situation with Artem Dzyuba has nothing to do with the Russian national team from a sports point of view. Therefore, we see no need to give detailed evaluative comments on this matter. However, the coaching staff of the national team understands very well that the national team should prepare for the November matches with Moldova, Turkey and Serbia in conditions of maximum concentration and not be distracted by extraneous things. We have always emphasized that, both on and off the pitch, everyone must match the level and status of a player in the national team. In this regard, today it was decided not to call Artyom Dziuba to the current training camp in order to protect both the team and the football player from excessive negativity and tension..."

Artyom himself was forced - and in vain! - to apologize, including the following words:

“… I'm not perfect, like any person, I make mistakes. And we are all sinners, unfortunately. Therefore, I am probably largely to blame for this. I can only blame myself. But at such moments, when almost everyone turns away from you, I am incredibly grateful to those people who are with me and who supported me in such a difficult moment...".

But at the same time it remained completely incomprehensible for what, in fact, was he to apologize? As the poet Alexei Tsvetkov correctly noted in his blog:

“With this Dziuba, everyone just went crazy, not in the best way. How did he personally hurt you? And if they hacked your phone and hung pictures, how do you chop coconuts with this place or, on the contrary, pick them up from the floor? And don't lie that you don't do this ... "

But it is impossible not to lie, judging by the words of Andrey Sozin, a member of the ethics committee of the Russian Football Union, quoted by the Sport24 portal:

“I'm not talking about football. I'm talking about his children, his wife. Did he think about them? I am not saying that this is good or bad. All boys have it at puberty. But not at 32 and on video! Dziuba only nailed himself with such huge nails. Will he be able to cope when the stands yell at him? I do not know. God willing, that this all be forgotten. How will his parents, relatives, wife bear it? Everything will be replicated, and Dziuba knows it. Artyom has big, if not catastrophic, losses..."

In this regard, the publicist Alexander Kots asks himself the absolutely correct question: "Which of them would you send to a sexologist - Dzyuba or Sozin?"

Indeed, in this scandal it is much more interesting to watch Dziuba's critics than a football player, who, by the way, has long been famous for his extraordinary words and actions.

The same Kots recalls on this occasion a similar story happened in the summer of 2012, when “naked photos” of Prince Harry from a private party got into the tabloid press:

“Hundreds of Britons (and not only), including colleagues (he was then doing military service), launched a massive flash mob on Facebook “Support Prince Harry”, sharing similar content - as a sign of moral support - and at the same time protesting against invasion of privacy.

Fashion futurist Yuval Harari scares us with “digital totalitarianism”, as a result of which the dominance of technology should lead to transparency of privacy and the abolition of “privace”.

This can hardly be prevented. By recording an intimate video to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend, you have no guarantee that it won't fall prey to a hacker and won't appear on the web.

But instead of hiding your life from new technologies (which is simply impossible), it is better to think about the fact that the attitude towards sexuality is rapidly changing - it becomes in many ways public and open. Today the boundaries of intimate space are not at all what they were in the last century.

Nowadays, few people can be surprised by a snapshot of a naked artist, athlete, even a politician (Pim Fortane). Nudity is cultivated and becomes part of the cultural mainstream.

Therefore, it is easy to assume that the growing "transparency" of private life will be accompanied by a simplification of the attitude towards nudity as a religious attribute of "sinfulness".

Of course, the measure of privacy is ultimately a personal choice. You can avoid home videos and isolate your sex life from dangerous technology and surveillance risks.

But first, it’s tiresome, and most importantly, pointless. Thousands of examples of public nudity ("leaked" in the form of PR or through negligence) change the very approach to the subject. The mass character of the phenomenon normalizes it, as, for example, the genre of "dikpiks" has become a part of youth culture.

As in that joke about the "elusive Joe", for which there was no point in chasing. Sexuality (of course) will always be a subject of interest, but over time the genre will lose its taste for sensationalism.

We are on our way to that. The West has moved farther than Russian society, but it (finally) learns not to "gig-gig-kat" from Dzyuba's "leaked" video, but rather to defend the right of a guy to live a normal male life in the Internet age.

But so far, alas, the sports authorities (coach of the national team Cherchesov) threw Dziuba, threatening to remove him from the games. He himself is in shock, having closed accounts and cut off ties with the world (which, of course, is in vain - in the absence of guilt).

Let's see how the “test” for “home porn” will end in Russia. I would like, of course, like in Britain"


Publicist Alexander Shmelyov generally believes that this video is the best thing that Dzyuba has done in his entire career:

“Of course, hacking other people's mobile phones, pulling out intimate videos from there and distributing them in the media is wild bestiality. And Dziuba does not do anything bad in the notorious video, this is also clear to everyone. And in general, on this issue, it seems to me, everyone more or less has a consensus - certainly in the sports world. Therefore, I am sure that everything will be fine with footballer Dziuba. Well, he will skip several freight trains of the national team in order to avoid unnecessary scandals and media hype - he will not lose anything from this, rather the opposite (football players, as a rule, do not like such trips to the national teams very much, since they do not pay anything for them, and it is easy to get injured, it is simply not accepted to give them up of their own free will).


Almost the only time in his life when he behaved completely normal, as if even this was not Dzyuba, but just a normal dude. But, unfortunately, this is only a one-time episode. Usually he behaves many times worse and nastier ... "

But in the “native aspens” it is difficult to expect mass empathy. We have a huge problem with solidarity..."