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Mikhail Khazin: “The topic is closed. You can forget about the greatness of America"
12 January 2021, 14:57
Mikhail Khazin: “The topic is closed. You can forget about the greatness of America"
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O3xHqnMXho
“Everything, all this city on the hill, which was built by the founding fathers for two hundred years, is crossed out by modern American civilization. The topic is closed. These United States of America no longer exist, ”says Mikhail Khazin.

On the YouTube channel "Srochnye Izvestia", the economist commented on the situation in the United States and drew parallels with Russia.

“What happened in the United States has a very solid foundation, incredibly important. So important that it doesn't even matter who organized the assault.

The wording was given to me by a friend of mine, the day before yesterday, in St. Petersburg. I did not ask if it was possible to give his name, if he agrees, I will.

So, the essence of this event is demonstrative incest.

Whoever read the legends and myths of Ancient Greece remembers Oedipus. Some young people read about the Oedipus complex, but, of course, they did not read about Oedipus himself, but in vain.

In general, the meaning of this is that people defiantly and purposefully cross out the entire previous archetypal tradition. Everything, all that city on the hill that the founding fathers built for two hundred years, is crossed out by modern American civilization.

This topic is closed. This United States of America no longer exists.

Moreover, America does not exist, not because we do not like it or, on the contrary, we like it, not because some people there express something.

The representatives of American civilization themselves, the American public decided to do so.

And for this reason, you can forget about the greatness of America, about the aircraft carrier strike groups and everything else. This is a thing of the past. It is crossed out, and it is crossed out symbolically.

… The specificity of what we see was reflected - you will laugh - in the slogan of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and before that of the AUCPB.

And it is reflected in the wonderful phrase “Workers of all countries unite”.

I would like to draw your attention to the following: the attempt to unite the proletarians failed because the national interests turned out to be higher.

That is, the German proletariat still defended Hitler, especially in the 1930s, and not at all the hope of the proletarians of the whole world, the Soviet Union.

But if you look at the liberals, then their idea of uniting liberals went off with a bang. Liberals of all countries of the world, including Russia, believe in liberalism and hope for it much more than for their own countries.

And it is precisely for this reason that in our country this very "incest" in relation to the Russian tradition, to Russian culture and, ultimately, to Russia as a whole, has been carried out by the liberals for a long time.

Certain liberal officials did this every day. There was such a person - Gavrila Popov, ousted from the post of dean of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University under Brezhnev, for bribes. I don't even know what had to be done to get him kicked out.

So, Gavrila Popov quite seriously in the early 1990s proposed making a brothel in the main building of Moscow State University.

And so I draw your attention to the fact that even the Americans, who hate Trump, have not reached this point.

Well, imagine: in order to cleanse the White House of the terrible miasms left there by Trump, we will make a brothel there for a couple of years!

Here I draw your attention: they have not yet reached this point.

And Gavrila Popov made it.

By the way, he received no punishment. Because he received a colossal building in the center of Moscow and colossal territories in the form of Skolkovo and the surrounding area, and now he happily sells and leases these territories. He feels good.

That is, in other words, the liberals have not yet been punished. And, by the way, until now many information structures, media outlets calling themselves respectable, turn to this person for comments.

In this sense, the United States has shown much more meaningfulness. We see that Trump has been completely speechless, in all its forms. It shouldn't be. And if he found a tribune somewhere, it must be destroyed.

And it seems to me that from the point of view of understanding how to behave, we are shown a good example".

You can listen to Mikhail Khazin's commentary in full here.