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Stepan Demura: "Life after the "plague" will be changed, this is not a conspiracy, but the documents from Davos"
14 December 2020, 12:43
Stepan Demura: "Life after the "plague" will be changed, this is not a conspiracy, but the documents from Davos"
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEaJqVDO8MM
According to financial and stock analyst Stepan Demura, we are now witnessing the "apogee of globalism". He told about this on the "City Class" YouTube channel.

“Let's talk about the goals of globalists in the financial market. There was a conspiracy theory: about a single currency, total control over the population, and blah-blah-blah.

But guys: there is such a wonderful organization - the Davos Economic Forum.

There are two degenerate types of comrades - just look at their pictures - who are in charge of all this.

So, they published little books, published these White papers (this is how they call official documents containing a description of the decision or a government message explaining the policy - noted by Novye Izvestia), - about transhumanism, about how life will change after the plague.

You read.

And here is just one more function of these digital currencies... Look, now there will be a global "reset" - as they call it.

People have no income, they have no way to service their debts. Almost all assets are confiscated from them, from a significant part.

But somehow they need to live. And we have digital dollars, such, you know, a system of global welfare.

That is, if you have a high social rating, you receive this digital money from the government and you can exist.

And if you start a system, excuse me, scold, then we do not know you, you are not in the system. You have not received digital money, you have nothing to live on, and your assets have already been taken away for debts.

Here's the whole program.

And this is no longer a conspiracy theory.

These are the official working papers of transhumanists from the Davos Economic Forum.

Only I get the impression that this is, you know, the apogee. The apogee of globalism. They thought they had grabbed God by one place and now they are all now...

I asked emptiness, listen, well, explain to me, you fool, how are you fighting with globalists?

She looked at me like an idiot: "Hey, where is their money?" In banks, I say, and in stocks. "Here: banks can go bankrupt, and stocks can be reduced to dust". I say: "I understood everything!"

So - this is the last zip of globalists with their transhumanism, post-intellectual society and life, which "will not be the same" after the next seasonal flu".