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Question of the day: do the residents of Khabarovsk envy China?
20 July 2020, 12:15
Question of the day: do the residents of Khabarovsk envy China?
Social networks discuss the true reasons for the protests in Khabarovsk.

Why Khabarovsk? - Such a question was asked by the popular blogger Alexander Smirnov, and tried to answer this question like this:

“From recent conversations with a close comrade, a Siberian living in Khabarovsk and earlier a harsh zaputinets (putinist) and in general a "patriot", I learned the following:

  1. Over the river they have China.
  2. Even 20 years ago, they all laughed at the Chinese and despised them for their savagery, etc. For 20 years before their eyes, in exactly the same natural conditions on the opposite bank of the river, CIVILIZATION grew.
  3. All Khabarovsk travels to China:

For clothes

For the furniture

For electronics

For food

For medicine (there, albeit for money, but really TREAT

To relax

Often - to work

After reaching retirement age they move there, renting an apartment in Russia and receiving a passive income from the savings

On excursions


At the same time, everyone understands that yes, Northern China is a poor Chinese province, that all of China lives in the south, that there is a "problem of northern territories" in China, that in the north, entire megacities with millions of inhabitants are empty, because no one lives in the north doesn't want to.

And many travel not only to northern China, but also further to REAL CIVILIZATION. And some fly all over Southeast Asia and Japan and there they generally end up in a DIFFERENT world.

And in this whole world, outside the Russian Federation, people live better than in Russia. Richer, calmer and more fun. Safer, healthier, etc.

In China, no one cares about the problem of taxes, security (the police really work there), even the environment!

And all this was built in exactly the same climate, previously a much poorer country in the same 20 years that Puten has been in power.

People look and draw conclusions. Not comforting at all for the Russian authorities.

That's why Khabarovsk..."

However, not all readers of Smirnov completely agreed with him:

- That is, Finland is not indicative for the ruins of the Leningrad region, for Kaliningrad - Germany is garbage, for Pskov - Estonia is nonsense, but the Chinese garbage dumps, which they write about here as a wonder of the world, this, of course, changes everything! You look and immediately want to live!

- The Chinese economic miracle can be explained very simply. They have a different mentality. The Chinese are extraordinary hard workers and believe in their leader as in God. They also have corruption, which is punished very harshly. After all, the death penalty has not been abolished from them. They did not ruin their country in the 90s, unlike us. Yes, they dressed and shod the whole world with cheap goods. Flooded with cheap electronics and cars. But not the fact that this cheap is always better in quality. For some reason, we are not willing to buy Chinese cars. Prefer Japanese or European. Because the Chinese do not bother with quality, but stupidly take the goods of famous brands and copy. Quality suffers from it, but they don't give a damn about it. But production costs them much cheaper. That’s the whole secret of this “miracle”. Therefore, do not envy anyone. We have our own path of development, no matter how difficult it may be. And whoever screams the loudest that everything is bad with us, because nobody holds you. All roads are open to you.

- But I'm wondering - how many percent of the residents of Khabarovsk (or any other city in Siberia or the Far East) would like to live in modern China? I'm sure - a little. That's it.

- Ecology in China !!! Haha Safety? Haha Well, yes, in Japan, a different civilization: people work 18 hours a day, do not drink for 14 days on New Years and May, sleep on mats, live in 20 square meters without heating and travel around the world.


In the photo, by the way, the difference between the Russian Far East and China is very clearly visible: in the foreground of the Khrushchevka of Blagoveshchensk, on the back, on the other bank of the Amur, is a new Chinese metropolis built on the site of a former squalid village.