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Irina Mukhina: “With the help of the QR-codes we all are transferred to the digital future”
22 April 2020, 17:23
Irina Mukhina: “With the help of the QR-codes we all are transferred to the digital future”
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V9HhufGpQc
Coronavirus caught us by surprise and not only instilled the fear for life and health, but also, having become a convenient pretext for the authorities, whether we want it or not, helped them to continue the course on transition from reality to virtuality, and no longer just by small steps, but at an accelerated pace.

So, in the capital, which is always the first to “test” all the “advanced” technologies, they are going to introduce the personal QR-codes. Many opponents of digitalization are already comparing this to how the cattle is stigmatized. Irina Mukhina (Canada), Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics) specializing in the big data and artificial intelligence, shared her thoughts on whether this is an infringement of citizens' freedom and how to live in these new conditions.

“At the moment, there is a transition to the digital matrix. In all possible ways. Using the occasion of the coronaviurs, they test different mechanisms of how society can be quickly and efficiently transferred to the sixth technological order.

And these QR codes are one of the tools for translating reality into numbers. Information about the object from reality becomes available in a digital database.

The acronym QR stands for quick response, which is translated from English as “quick response”. QR codes have long been used everywhere.

Now they are going to assign them to people, as I understand it, so that in case of panic, if they suddenly run away somewhere, law enforcement officers do not have to leaf through passports and spend time finding out their name, registration, date of birth, and so on. A special application will allow you to check whether the individual corresponds to the information that they have.

What is freedom of movement and expression is a big separate issue. But, one way or another, we must understand that now there really is a restriction of freedoms.

From my point of view, freedoms are now unevenly divided. From the standpoint of justice, the distribution of freedoms in the world - our world is skewed.

In the West, for example, people consume five times more than their economy can afford. They do this at the expense of the periphery. Is this freedom of consumption fair? No.

The old way of the financial world is changing right before our eyes. Who is changing and what exactly is changing - for now, let's leave it out of the picture. But I would like to draw the attention of those people who want to be scared and succumb to fear and panic to the fact that the moment of transition to new technologies is always fraught with acceleration.

We are all being transferred to the future in such a strange way, when it seems that you are watching a science fiction film. But we, nevertheless, understand that all this is really happening.

A QR code is just a tiny nuance that people have noticed and realized in this connection that they are beginning to control them. Although in fact we have always been controlled.

But the main question is one. And it sounds like this: who has a nuclear case? Who has a red button in their hands?

In addition, it is extremely important to understand who controls our personal information, who has these databases. Who and for what purposes manages our information - this is what, first of all, should concern people. And this is a matter of trust. And now people do not trust the authorities.

If this information is really used to help people at the time of a panic, to correctly allocate resources - this is right and this is a necessary measure. But if they begin to use it to the detriment, then it is worth discussing.

God and the Russian language were introduced into the amendments to the Constitution of Russia, and all this is wonderful. But there is nothing said about digital law, it is not indicated how exactly they intend to manage the data that they want to receive from the Russian people.

Friends send me news about this Moscow portal, which collects information. So there everything is done through some kind of left-wing firms that are not located in Russia, outside its jurisdiction.

But no riots can solve this problem. Because digital technology allows you to localize everything.

But through the expert community this can be done. Competent specialists - and there are many such in Russia - should demand a report on where exactly the data flows go. And the Moscow City Hall is obliged to give such answers, this is its area of responsibility.

In general, my opinion is this: do not look into the past and try to arrange everything as it was before.

We must go forward, change, study. And to influence not through political things, but through technological ones. In my opinion, this is exactly what China is doing.

For me, the current situation is similar to the one that was when electrification was carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. But we will not go with the candle and say that our candle is everything ...

Today everything is on electricity. And just the same, everything will be on the figure. And this has already happened all over the world, and will happen in Russia too.

But this transition must take place in order to organize a more just society, more effective, more useful for our children.

And since freedom is determined by those who are at the head of power structures and through them controls the processes in society, they also need to be controlled and verified. And now, through the figure, it has become easier to implement. The number allows you to make things transparent.

Everything needs to be turned so that the technologies become the means of control over the power structures and the distribution of natural resources that Russia has”