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Auction of corruption: what the "List of backbone companies" is harmful with
29 April 2020, 16:29
Auction of corruption: what the "List of backbone companies" is harmful with
The very concept of the “backbone” ones that the Russian authorities provide assistance is not only corrupt and ineffective, it is completely divorced from reality.

A very true assessment of the list of companies that the Russian authorities are going to help at first, was given by publicist Mikhail Makogon :

The “List of backbone companies” continues to amaze with crab abundance. But it’s not about who got there, but who doesn’t. And in the very idea of such a list.

We omit even the point that the “list of backbone companies” - Schindler’s list for state subsidies and soft loans - is, in essence, without any adjustment to Russian realities - an auction of corruption.

Places on the list are expensive, in the current situation they are like life itself, they will certainly be traded.

But the question is absolutely such a Soviet idea of the economic structure, when the city at the factory, and not vice versa, has nothing to do with current life.

When I grew up in the 90s, the first half of the 00s - it worked just as well. NTMK, UVZ, the railway, and a number of enterprises serving them, such as refractory production, were absolutely dominant, closer to the monopoly employer in the city.

No one had to explain anything. If Pasha, Masha, Sasha or Glasha is “on the day” today, then tomorrow will go “at night”, and after that - two days off.

Everyone knew which schedules were good (“railway”), and which ones — hang yourself (“rolling”).

Nobody in the kindergarten would be impressed that dad is an astronaut, here’s the master of the site or, God forbid, the master of the workshop - this is understandable, this is the size (the head of the workshop, even a tiny one, even a warehouse or repair, like my father is outside the famous universe, is already oligarchy).

The chiefs of large workshops, the main distributors, the main steelmakers, the chief engineers do not go on foot, they do not take children to the garden, they live behind high fences, away from mortals.

The city lived in factories. The schedule of life, lifestyle, social structure - everything was broadcast by them.

Today the situation is completely different. In 2018, the services sector generated 54% of GDP (industry - 32%, agriculture - 3%). Less than 13 million are employed in the entire industry (mining, processing, generating). 11.5 are engaged in one trade, more than 6 million in logistics, 1.8 million in hotels and catering, 1.3 million in culture and leisure .

For the most part, for a long time we have not given the country coal on smoking system-forming giants. We trade, feed, entertain, typeset websites, endlessly guard and carry each other (driver and security guard are two leading professions among men).

The idea is that we will save the giants, separate the grains from the chaff, select the “significant” ones, and the rest will somehow come up and the hell with them at all - it’s 15 years old at least.

Yes, at AvtoVAZ, which, as soon as possible, was not saved by subsidies, benefits, protective duties, which we have “systemically forming” - 35 thousand people, and in the restaurant 30-40 people. But only in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are more than 20 thousand restaurants, bars, coffee houses, pizzerias, and more than 100 thousand in the country. And entire industries, from production to advertising, abut them.

The whole concept of “backbone” - it’s not only corrupt, inefficient, it’s just unrealistic, its authors just live in parallel reality ... ”