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Stupidity, calculation or censorship... Why Google blocked the account of Tsargrad TV
30 July 2020, 14:59
Stupidity, calculation or censorship... Why Google blocked the account of Tsargrad TV
Experts are trying to find an explanation for this act of the largest American IT corporation that contradicts the freedom of speech.

As you know, the management of the YouTube service, owned by Google, has blocked the account of the Tsargrad TV channel for violating export laws without the possibility of the recovery. The channel's management is going to complain to the court. Experts believe that this may be due to the fact that the owner of the TV channel, Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev, is under sanctions for his participation in the annexation of Crimea and sponsoring hostilities in eastern Ukraine. For the TV channel, this decision was "an absolute surprise", the statement said. They were not given any warnings. It is noted that, quote, "the millionth audience of Tsargrad, in fact, was cut off from the truth, which the journalists were not afraid to speak directly on the air". Tsargrad is positioning itself as the first Russian conservative information and analytical TV channel, as a tribune and a voice of the Russian Orthodox majority.

This event is widely discussed on social media. So, the political analyst Anton Gromov, who takes a completely opposite position than the employees of the destroyed resource, nevertheless spoke out sharply against such a measure:

“Today I gave an interview on the main American Russian-language TV channel #RTN about this situation, my position looks like this:

  1. Despite the fact that, within the framework of our project Database, we directly suffered from the denunciation of the employees of Malofeyev's Tsargrad addressed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika and were forced to leave the territory of the Russian Federation in 2018 - we oppose ideologically motivated bans in the information space of our political opponents. There should be a free discussion in society. At the same time, for the dissemination of knowingly false and discrediting the honor and dignity of information, as well as for calls to murder, serious monetary fines should be imposed.
  2. Obviously, Google is not at all worried about the fact that sanctions against the oligarch Malofeyev were introduced by the EU and the United States back in 2014 for direct informational, organizational and financial support of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The transnational corporation does not really care about the killed, wounded and disadvantaged Russians and Ukrainians, they decided to block the resources of the oligarch only now in 2020, when the deed has already been done, as part of the fight against conservatives and nationalists in the interests of the collective #BLM, #SJW and Mr. Biden if this is a victory of the "forces of good", then it is obviously Pyrrhic.
  3. The channels of the philosopher Alexander Dugin and the resources affiliated with him were allegedly demolished during a cycle of lectures on the philosophy of Aristotle - if this is really so, then this is an extravaganza of left madness.

It is reported that The New York Times has launched an entire media campaign before calling to "cancel" the legacy of Aristotle for the "old ethics" of white patriarchy, hierarchy, and generally proto-fascism and racism.

At the same time, the publication of progressive classical philologists Eidolon as part of a series of publications devoted to "harassment in the field of Greco-Roman studies of antiquity" proposes to part with Plato. And again, all this is happening only now - at the height of the presidential campaign in the United States, and not in 2014, when Mr. Dugin called for the killing of Ukrainians, as well as waging an aggressive war of conquest.

If you disagree with philosophers and ideologues, discuss with them and defeat them in an honest intellectual public duel, even if they are the fierce enemies of all "progressive humanity" and the global world of communist pink ponies. By burning books and throwing them into the prison of cancel culture, you will only strengthen their faith and radicalize their supporters, once early Christians were also fed to lions on the sand of the Colosseum, but where is now the Rome of ancient Caesars and pagan temples?


The solution to the problem of political censorship that the American establishment outsourced to corporations and the “outraged public” would be to extend the First Amendment to the US Constitution to the multimillion-dollar resources of media monopolists. This measure automatically recognizes them as "public space" and will hinder any manifestation of political censorship, covered by the "rights of the owner". This is exactly what President Trump's lawyers and many leaders of the US Republican Party are trying to achieve.

In this case, of course, the political censorship of Google, as in that joke about the spoiled watch, “showed the time correctly,” but only banned and banned now are not at all according to the criteria that would suit the adherents of true freedom. After all, if today they came for unpleasant people, tomorrow they will knock on your door along with the BLM commissars with automatic weapons at the ready, since the Western system of political coordinates is rapidly falling into the abyss of Trotskyism-Leninism. In fact, all this should scare, not cause gloating .... "


Blogger Natasha Hill is confident that this step is "purely political censorship":

“Meanwhile, YouTube has destroyed the Tsargrad-TV and the Two-Headed Eagle channels without the possibility of restoration. For the fact that the founder and sponsor of these projects, Konstantin Malofeyev, is under sanctions (L - logic). And, apparently, for the general rightness.

The monarchical "Two-Headed Eagle" is not close to me (not unpleasant, it's just that it's something strange and not very interesting for me). Tsargrad is partly close - when Russians are being defended there, and when Yegor Kholmogorov publishes film reviews there; but when they shake the fofudya, then no.

But this in this case does not matter. In general, in life, there is little that is quite close to me.

Here we are faced with pure ideological censorship. As in the USSR. Google decides that we - adults who are interested in politics and social problems (and other people don't watch such channels) - cannot watch and listen to some things, otherwise we will be seduced. We are utterly stupid and unstable. Look, let's start to Think Wrong. And what is right, Google decides for us.

In my opinion, there can be no two assessments of this situation at all.

And the people who are now writing are really amazing: oh, this is a pro-Kremlin scam / ultra-right / fofudya, great, save us from them!

When our authorities actively banned opposition resources and used Article 282 with might and main, in a strange way, the same people understood perfectly well why this was bad.

Or didn't you? Was it bad for them only that Putin was doing it?

So they are not at all against slavery, they only want to be slaves of the glamorous White Sahibs, and not some gray-footed quilted jackets?

I, with my perestroika upbringing, in which "glasnost" and "pluralism" were positive concepts, disagreements were necessary for the most skillful ones to emerge, and it was considered correct to win the dispute and destroy opponents with a morally sharp word, and not to silence them or destroy them physically - I feel like a dinosaur in this brave new world of happy slaves..."


Dmitry Tsorionov (Enteo), a Russian Orthodox activist, former leader of the Divine Will movement and leader of the Decommunization movement, unexpectedly called this news “good”. And that's why:

“YouTube has blocked the Tsargrad channel. Internet censorship is not good, but good news nonetheless. I cannot name anything other than blasphemy what these comrades were doing. Worse is simply impossible. Nothing but lies, dishonor, cheap conspiracy theories and hate propaganda.

Well, some holy images and pious shawls as interruptions during editing.

Inciting war with Ukraine, glorifying terrorists, persecuting political activists, conspiracy theories, leaking fake compromising evidence as part of active measures by the special services against the democratic opposition, and eternal Putin in the image of the tsar-father. That is all that this disgusting red-brown project is remembered for.

I would not pay attention to the fate of this garbage dump of the level of Prigozhin's riafan, but committing all these abominations, they covered themselves with Orthodoxy, and this is very bad. They use religion exclusively for apologetics for an aggressive foreign policy, annexation of territories of neighboring states, irremovability of power, political repression, and suppression of democratic institutions.

But the significance of this event should not be overestimated. There is no "deep people" that consume this filth. There was not even a trace of a million subscribers, they both kept their audience for idiots and continue to do so. Their real coverage is at least 50 times less than what the media wrote about it for some reason. All traffic and 95% of subscribers are bots. Fontanka wrote about this, it is obvious from open statistics of views and absolutely dead social networks without feedback. This is very easy to check.

The earth is glass wool ... "


An interesting explanation of this case was given by journalist Kirill Shulika, who believes that censorship has nothing to do with it:

“Of course, the ban of Tsargrad on YouTube can be viewed as an act of censorship. But if only it was a state-owned media outlet or a service. And even sanctions here would look dubious.

But Youtube is a private enterprise and the owner is a master. He has the right to do whatever he sees fit. His task is not to ensure freedom of speech, but to make money. In the end, there are still a bunch of video services, you can use them and if the content is interesting, they will see it.

The most important lesson here is that Russia has nothing to respond to such steps. Well, that is, it was possible to block CNN in Odnoklassniki, but it is not there. Moreover, on the example of Telegram, we see that what is blocking has not grown. As a result, Russia's only response is to spew anger from propaganda. But this is "bomb Voronezh", because all this hysterical nonsense is listened to not by Sergey Brin's employees, but by you and me..."