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Dmitry Oreshkin: "Our people no longer want to live in the trash hole"
30 September 2020, 16:51
Dmitry Oreshkin: "Our people no longer want to live in the trash hole"
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According to the Accounts Chamber, in 2019 Russia generated 65 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) - 450 kg per person. In contrast to world practice, disposal remains the priority method of waste management in our country - more than 90% of waste is sent to landfills and landfills.

The Accounting Chamber calls the problem of MSW placement critical. According to her forecast, at the current rate of waste generation (1-2% per year), the existing capacity of landfills in 32 constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be exhausted by 2024, and in 17 of them - even before 2022. The department considers the reform in the sphere of MSW management unsuccessful. Political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin commented on the situation on the YouTube channel of the Silver Rain radio station.

“The richer people live, the more waste they generate.

Everything we buy is packaged. There is a huge amount of construction waste and so on.

And here we are, sinners, we produce almost a ton of this "good" per year. Where to put it?

Burning is a disaster. Because then all these dioxins that were there in a bound form are released into the atmosphere as gases, settle on the leaves, on the ground, on you and me. And we breathe this "good".

Recycle - there is not enough capacity, there is not enough economic incentive, and also there is not enough culture of the population in order to deal with the separate collection of waste: separately glass, separately plastic, separately paper, separately what is called organic.

Or it even happens: in some advanced households they separate this rubbish, as in Sweden or Norway, but then they bring it in and dump it all together. Accordingly, it turns out to be processed 7%, and 90% remains to be buried.

And the problem is not that there is not enough land - we have the most land.

And the problem is that people who live next to the garbage dump experience "pleasure" from this.

Previously, no one asked people: here you will have a landfill, barbed wire, security - and you will live like cute.

And now the people are loose with us, the nuts are loose, so people say: but we don't want to live in the garbage! They say we want a field, a clear river, a blue sky.

You see how spoiled people are! It's the lack of Stalin, as you see. At his times, by the way, there was no waste, except for potato peelings. Especially there was nothing to roam about.

So: this is a problem that the whole world was experiencing. The US was doing this very seriously back in the 1970s. And they quite successfully solved this problem.

They also buried this "good", but it was a private business, rather gangster, mafia.

There, hefty, unshaven Italians bought out limestone deposits, scooped out gravel from there, and filled the vacated "containers" with garbage, covered them up and hid them.

This also provoked a protest, there was even such a movement Not in my backyard - that is, store it anywhere, but only “not in my backyard”.

And now we are going through about the same. We will survive. We are not worse than others, we just encountered this several decades later. But you need to act, not steal money".