The military were forbidden to distribute information about the service on the Internet
7 May 2020, 11:35
Russian servicemen were banned from disseminating information related to the service in the media and social networks. They are also prohibited from using gadgets.

Now the dissemination by the military in the media and social networks of data that allows them to determine their belonging to the Armed Forces of Russia, as well as information about other military personnel and members of their families, will be considered a gross misconduct. The decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the introduction of appropriate amendments to the Disciplinary Charter of the RF Armed Forces of 2007 was published on the legal information portal.

It is also forbidden to disclose information on the deployment or redeployment of military administration bodies.

In addition, the military should not disclose data on those dismissed from military service, their family members or parents. It is also about information, "allowing to determine the location of these persons in a certain period to other persons."

Electronic gadgets are now banned in the army. According to the decree, the military should not have anything that could take a photo, video or audio recording, as well as store geolocation data. Such devices must not be carried with you while on duty, in combat service, while wearing outfits, participating in exercises or campaigns of ships, staying on the territory of a military unit, or while traveling.

Recall that earlier the Ministry of Defense proposed replacing astrakhan hats with less expensive fur hats for the higher officers of the Armed Forces. The Karakulevs will remain only with the senior officers of the FSB, GUSP and the Ministry of Emergencies.