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Ukraine again asked the US for long-range missiles ATACMS
13 September, 22:55
Ukraine again asked the US for long-range missiles ATACMS
Photo: Соцсети
Army operational-tactical high-precision missile system ATACMS is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

The Ukrainian authorities are asking Washington for new weapons in order to conduct offensive operations, according to the influential American publication The Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, since February 24, the United States has already supplied Ukraine with 140 artillery systems and 660,000 shells and missiles for them, according to an official Pentagon report.

In addition, the United States sent to the Ukrainian army:

- 41 thousand portable missile systems to combat armored targets,

- 1.4 thousand portable anti-aircraft missile systems,

- 15 helicopters,

- 38 radars,

- 10.2 thousand machine guns and pistols,

- about 63.8 million rounds of ammunition for small arms,

- 18 patrol boats.

Now Ukraine is also asking for long-range missiles, which the US has so far refused to supply. The list for "offensive operations" consists of 29 types of weapons and ammunition. Among them is the ATACMS army operational-tactical missile system with a ballistic missile range of up to 300 km. Until now, America has refused to provide such weapons to Ukraine for fear that it will decide to launch strikes on Russian territory, and this will provoke a military conflict with the West.

In addition to ATACMS, Ukraine also asks for 2,000 HIMARS missiles, which the United States has already provided to it. The list also includes drones, artillery systems, Harpoon anti-ship missiles and tanks, the publication reports.