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Domestic smartphones will be developed for the military and their families
18 June 2021, 09:37
Domestic smartphones will be developed for the military and their families
On the basis of the Era military technopolis, the RF Ministry of Defense has begun to develop special “protected” smartphones for servicemen and their families, as well as mobile applications for daily activities on the territory of military units.

“We are experimenting to create a secure phone, a smartphone, I emphasize, which will work in various modes, including those that will ensure secure communication,” said Major General Alexander Osadchuk, Deputy Head of the Information Systems Department of the Defense Ministry.

The Quartz project is already being tested in the Era technopolis. This project involves the creation of a digital ecosystem for the daily activities of the military.

- We are trying to consider the possibility of using mobile applications to solve the problems of daily activities. The Passport system is being developed, which provides a serviceman with access to the data that he needs in everyday life, ”Osadchuk said, adding that the system is being created to optimize the daily activities of family members of servicemen as well.

Recall that the Era technologic was created to train highly qualified personnel for the enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC) and research institutes. Graduates of universities who have been drafted into the army, but who have agreed to serve in their "specialty", can get there.

In 2019, within the framework of the Army Forum, Technopolis presented a drone in the shape of a large owl with wings and a tail. Moreover, "Era" said that this is not the only drone bird, technopolis specialists have also created a false falcon, which can even imitate the cry of a real predator.