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Brushed off and kicked out: how Moscow tourists "rested" in a hotel in the city of Myshkin
2 September 2020, 10:21
Brushed off and kicked out: how Moscow tourists "rested" in a hotel in the city of Myshkin
The administration of the guest house in the old Russian city not only writes positive commentaries about its work, but also behaves in a completely boorish way towards its guests.

As you know, in connection with the pandemic, many Russians, instead of a comfortable holiday abroad, were forced to spend vacations in their native country, which is not well suited for this. The domestic service sector has never shone with special hospitality, not to mention cleanliness and comfort, but the incident that happened in the picturesque town of Myshkin, Yaroslavl region, perhaps surpassed all the most unpleasant expectations. Feedback from visitors to one of the local hotels about their stay and the responses to them by the administration read like a satirical story. Muscovite Yelena Gorelik shares her impressions of the visit:

“At the request of friends, I will tell you about our amazing experience in Myshkin without a castle. For context: we travel quite a lot, including with children. We have already booked about a hundred hotels in various countries and cities from Japan to Portugal, from Sweden to Italy. There was nothing like it anywhere else. Even on this trip, this hotel was the seventh in a row (and, by the way, the most expensive) - (almost) all the others we rated highly and parted with the owners in the most pleasant relationship.

So, get acquainted, "Guest House Myshkin Dvor Barabanov".

Overall rating on booking 8.9. The reviews that Booking.com show by default are all excellent - about hospitable hosts, wonderful breakfasts and interesting rooms. And so at least 10 pages. In general, nothing boded. A bit expensive - 3800 for a triple room and 4500 for a family duplex, but in general, not fatal, especially when compared with Europe.

The oddities started right after booking. First, a letter came that the 3-bed room should be canceled, because they will not accommodate four of them, and if the booking says that the room accommodates 3 adults and 1 child under 5 years old, this is a booking error. I called there, they talked to me not very friendly, but we thought, okay, the reviews are good, and the rating too, there are no other good options in Myshkin - and we booked a suite already for 5,000 per night.

A few days before arrival, a new message - transfer the advance to your personal card, otherwise we will cancel the reservation. No, we cannot write off the advance through booking ourselves. "Okay," we thought, "a small town, a small business, good reviews, well, it's difficult for us - maybe they really can't."

At the counter we were greeted by the sweetest young man and girl who offered us homemade tincture and bacon. We, however, did not have time, because further the conversation went somewhere in the wrong direction.

- But you have only paid for 3 breakfasts, for the fourth you have to pay extra.

- Wait, you personally made us rebook a more expensive room for four - and the booking says that breakfast is paid for and there is no indication that it is for three only.

- This booking is wrong.

- Let's call the booking?

- We can offer you a discount on breakfast, only you need to cancel your reservation.

Here we refused. I must say that after that the young man still remained rather polite and even said that it was good, we can come for breakfast as a four of us.

At night I once again opened the hotel's page, again saw a sea of good reviews, I thought that something must be wrong with me. In the morning I shared this with my friends, and now they have already advised to sort the reviews so that the bad ones come first. I must say, I was quite impressed with the hosts' responses. I have never seen anything like it anywhere. Enjoy it too (I am attaching several screenshots). Perhaps we discussed this situation somewhat emotionally at breakfast, but discussed it among ourselves.

After that, we thanked for breakfast (quite tasty) and went for a walk. We returned to the hotel at about 15:00.

At the threshold we were met by the owner in a raised voice said that if we again take a rowdy (sic!) Until one in the morning, they will evict us.

- Wait, what are you talking about? We have children, at one in the morning they slept, what a rowdy?

But the owner continued to run over and even said that the neighbors complained that at 1 am we knocked on the floor with a hammer (yes, yes!)

In general, to make it short (English: in short) - we were told to get out of the hotel in 10 minutes, otherwise they threatened to throw us out by force.

After that they kept 600 rubles ... for a late check-out! We "had" to leave the hotel before 12, and that we were thrown out at 15 is our problem.

We called the police. The policeman turned out to be a good acquaintance of the owner, did not help in any way - except that the protocol (with the actual description of events and its signature) remained with us...

Here's a story. Keep in mind when planning your travels that it is worth sorting by bad reviews and seeing how the hosts react.

Until then, enjoy the hotel's responses. They are tough smmschiki, right?

Thank you very much for your support during the process and after!"

Judging by the responses of the administration of the guest house and the reaction of the owner, it becomes clear that it was they who wrote the responses to the reviews: everyone around is inadequate, except for them.

Here is how the hotel administration itself commented on this situation to the Yaroslavl portal 76.RU:

This is some kind of provocation. We don't allow ourselves this. If you look at the negative comments, you can see that it is written by inadequate people. I will not comment on anything else. Because everything you say will be used against you. Everything is photoshopped and corrected. Why pay attention to this and do something? Do you know the proverb "If you touch the g, it will stink even more"? Why bother with this? I do not want to discuss it. I am not going to pay attention to such a trifle, to a bad mark. The ratings on the service are not important to me at all. It is important for me that the people who live with us do not come across those who interfere with everyone. This is such a category of people. They are energy vampires, I am not going to spend my energy on them. Did someone hire you? You won't be writing this article for free, will you? Nobody else is accused of rudeness? Only I own the account, I did not give such comments to anyone. Nobody insulted anyone. I know all our answers, I have not written anything like that. I do not know where you got it..."

Apparently, the future guests of this hotel will continue to be doomed to such "Russian hospitality".