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Figure of the day: a room in a 5-star hotel in Sochi is 17 times more expensive than in Turkey
2 October 2020, 14:55
Figure of the day: a room in a 5-star hotel in Sochi is 17 times more expensive than in Turkey
Users of social networks are unable to understand what caused such a wild difference in prices for holidays in Sochi and Turkish resorts.

Novye Izvestia has more than once written about unreasonably high prices with a low level of service at Russian sea resorts, but this mainly concerned the so-called budget holidays. It turns out that expensive vacations are no better. In the sense that in our resorts it turns out to be simply fabulously expensive, if you believe the fantastic figures quoted by the writer Sergei Besedin in his publication:

“Perhaps I'm not rich enough to have a rest in Sochi.

One of the bloggers compared prices for vacations in Sochi and Turkey for the same dates of stay and shared the result on social networks, writes Sochi Daily.

So, booking a five-star hotel from 25 to 30 September in Sochi will cost 17 times more than for the same dates in Turkey. At the same time, only two luxury hotels were vacant at the Black Sea resort within the specified period.

It turned out that the cost of a room in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Sochi for six nights is 6 thousand euros - 536 thousand rubles. At the same time, for such a price, you can book not the best room. A hotel of the same "line" in Turkey costs only 30 thousand rubles.

A vacation in Istanbul at the Radisson Residences hotel of the same level will cost a tourist 43 thousand rubles, and at the Legacy Ottoman hotel even less - 42 thousand.

The author of the material also gave prices for accommodation in other five-star hotels. In particular, it is possible to have a rest in Antalya in Crowne Plaza for 57 thousand rubles, and in Istanbul's Hilton - for 51 thousand rubles..."


Blog readers note that apart from the wild difference in prices, the same difference exists in the service:

- Absolutely - I also compared Anapa (never again) and Gecek (new love) and if only it was the difference in prices.

- Oh, Lord! Yes, for 6 thousand euros, we spend 2 weeks with the whole family in Bali in a 5-star all-inclusive hotel!