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Alfa-Bank refused from Morgenstern as a director of youth work
19 April 2021, 19:30
Alfa-Bank refused from Morgenstern as a director of youth work
Photo: инстаграм Моргенштерна
Especially for the rapper, a month ago, a new position was established at the bank. Now that the drug control department has filed a case against Morgenstern, Alfa Bank hastened to disown its "director of youth affairs".

“The news that he is our employee is nothing more than a publicity stunt”, - KP quotes the words of the bank's representatives. "He is not our employee". The commentary came after the Drug Control Administration (DCA) of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow opened an administrative case against Morgenstern. In the videos "Rozovoye Vino-2" and Family, UNK saw drug propaganda.

Just a month ago, representatives of Alfa-Bank claimed that “Alisher is set for serious work and promised that we would not have to blush for him. Morgenstern will go to the office, like everyone else, participate in planning meetings and report on the results". However, the risk of reputational losses from cooperation with an ambiguous character outweighed the desire for hype.

It is not yet known whether advertisers reacted to the next scandal with Morgenstern: on his instagram, the rapper often promotes soda, chips, gadgets and other goods.