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Moscow City Court recognized the right of the residents of high-rise buildings to land near their houses
6 August 2020, 14:02
Moscow City Court recognized the right of the residents of high-rise buildings to land near their houses
Photo: ndv.ru
The Moscow City Court banned officials from building the houses under the renovation program in close proximity to the already standing high-rise buildings, thereby cutting off part of their adjacent territory. Residents of the capital filed a lawsuit.

They were against the start of the construction of a high-rise building under the renovation program next to their houses.

The court sided with the tenants, ruling that the authorities could not dispose of the adjoining territories of high-rise buildings, since this land is not delimited and is not registered in the cadastre, writes Kommersant. Residents received the right to use the adjacent territory within the established boundaries, which belongs to them by law.

Residents of these houses are fighting against the construction of another high-rise building near two houses on Tsander and Korolyov streets in Moscow. Their common courtyard was given for construction, and the high-rise building itself is located just ten meters from one of the houses. In March last year, opponents of this construction started a scuffle with the workers, in August last year they began to defend their rights in court. In January this year, the tenants' claim was rejected by the Tverskoy court. Muscovites have appealed against this decision. The territory is attractive for construction - in fact, it is the central part of the city, next to the VDNKh metro station within walking distance, a park and a botanical garden.

The Moscow City Court defended the residents, referring to the fact that the city property department had no right to dispose of this territory. Moreover, when this land was allocated for construction in 2016, the intention was to build a school there, not a high-rise building. The authorities intend to appeal the decision of the city court. Moscow City Duma deputy Sergei Mitrokhin believes that the conflict with the development is typical for Moscow, and called the decision of the city court, which stood up for the residents, revolutionary.