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Chronicle of the non-treatment in Moscow: for three weeks they could not hospitalize the COVID-19 patient
7 April 2020, 14:55
Chronicle of the non-treatment in Moscow: for three weeks they could not hospitalize the COVID-19 patient
There is a complete mess in Moscow's polyclinics and hospitals, no one really knows what to do with the patients who have a suspected of having coronavirus infection.

Moscow journalist Anton Yelin published yet another eerie testimony on his blog about the torments and humiliation suffered by coronavirus patiens in Moscow’s “optimized” healthcare system:

“My friend Olga is now in an isolated room in Kommunarka, just like Perm journalist Anastasia Petrova who died on March 31, coronavirus provoked bilateral pneumonia, depressing breathing.

With the permission of Olya, I publish a chronicle of the hell that official medicine arranged for her. Until the very last moment doctors did not want or could not identify COVID-19 and daily dragged a barely living person to outpatient clinics.

If you have the opportunity - avoid hospitals and clinics, these are 100% nurseries of COVID-19, it will become clear to you after these chronicles. Call the doctors to the house. If you do not agree - lie without batting an eye:

March 14, 2020, Sat

As it turned out, my last working day. I say goodbye to my colleagues and leave for the weekend.

March 15, 2020, Sun

In the afternoon the temperature rose from 36.6 to 37.4. I took aspirin, it didn’t help. The temperature rose slowly, by 23:00 - 38.8, after half an hour - already 39.0. The cough is unbearable, I just beat me. Around midnight, I call an ambulance. They took smears, measured the temperature, pressure, and listened. They said strong bronchitis.

March 16, 2020

Besides me, four out of eight colleagues do not go to work in the morning. Everyone has a high fever, cough, and a lead head. Sometimes it’s already impossible for me to breathe. In the afternoon, the local doctor came. Everything repeated. She opened the sick-list, prescribed an antibiotic, told to drink Fervex and confirmed the diagnosis of bronchitis.

March 17, 2020, Tue

The temperature was finally able to bring down to 36.8. And she stayed like that until Thursday evening.

March 20, 2020

Today I had to go to the doctor in the clinic, could not. In the morning the temperature is 39.1. In horror, I call another doctor. She listened, said to continue treatment. "You have bronchitis, although I don’t hear wheezing." Dry cough. All four colleagues go to work. But I’m no longer. As is now clear, this was a temporary improvement. From Saturday all of them again with fever, cough, weakness remain at home.

March 21, 2020, Sat

One person from the whole team comes to work. But my temperature is 36.6. Strange, because the cough intensified amid general weakness and hail of sweating.

March 24, 2020, Tue

There is nothing to do, I go to the clinic, as agreed. With a cough I go into the infectious entrance. She sat for about an hour and a half. The doctor scolded that she herself had come, it was necessary to call home. But feeling relatively tolerant. Temperature 37.4, weak wheezing in the lungs. Changed my course of treatment. He prescribed x-rays, blood and urine tests. Now all the coupons that are not there. And that’s all in different places. And 5 minutes ago he seemed to say stay at home. I do not understand.

March 25, 2020, cf.

Pouring sweat, I go to donate blood to another clinic. Weakness intensified. Paroxysmal cough. Defended the turn, surrendered. I sleep at home all the time. I can’t do anything or eat. In the afternoon I went already to my clinic for an X-ray. Urine to take late.

March 26, 2020, Th .

Again in the clinic - take urine in the morning. At the same time I am waiting for the results of fluoroscopy. It seems that the pictures did not work out. In the productive part - quite a bit of text and a damn cloud of question marks. I barely got home. Condition - trash. I did not have time to undress - the call from the clinic: "You need to go to the doctor, the conclusion of the radiologist is not entirely clear." I answer that I no longer have any strength, I will come tomorrow.

March 27, 2020

In the morning again, sweat, cough. At noon I went to the doctor. Wheezing - on both sides. The doctor writes me a computed tomography scan of the chest. My God, this is the third clinic, this time at 18:20 you have to be on Voykovskaya. I cannot fall asleep at home because of a cough. Broken, wet food on a CT scan. In short, after tomography, I was cut down. I don’t have enough strength to sit in the corridor, crawl away, practically lie on a bench to recover a little. Seeing my condition, the doctor allows you to wait about an hour and the decryption will be ready. I agreed not to trudge on Saturday again. Coughing scored, I almost die without stopping. About thirty minutes later he came out, asked me several questions, what I was sick with earlier and congratulated me on bilateral pneumonia. He invited me to go to the therapist for an examination. They didn’t let me go home from the office. They asked where I work. They called an ambulance and sent to hell on the horns - the State Design Bureau named after Demikhov (former City Hospital No. 68) on Volzhskaya. I repeat, with bilateral pneumonia. 9 p.m. They bring me to the emergency room. The people of darkness. All the same as me. The ambulances deliver packs of people one by one. Everyone coughs. After 23:00, smears and blood are taken again from me. Take the disk with the result of CT. I only get to my hospital room at 1:30 in the night. Together with a woman of 68 years. Of course, the doctors work like damned, but they don’t follow the order in the waiting room, because of this we have to hang around there for a long time. And no one believes that it can be infected with a coronavirus. Everyone "just caught a cold." Because of this, two-thirds of the people without masks do not believe in them.

March 28, 2020, Sat

A colleague is calling me. He says that today they sent home the last remaining in the office. Like, the police arrived at the address I left the day before and everyone sealed until April 6th. Strange, with bilateral pneumonia, do they close the office where you worked?

March 31, 2020, Tue

I'm on my nerves, but the results are negative! Thank God! My neighbor, they say, is not ready yet. She coughs all the time, on the phone she can barely say a few words and that's it. The temperature jumps like crazy. And we all sleep. Nothing creeps into the throat. For a week and a half I lost 8 kilograms. In the evening, all four in the room again take smears.

April 1, 2020, cf.

A doctor called a 68-year-old neighbor from the ward to "talk". She returned upset. He began to call us one by one. It turned out - to sign an official document on quarantine self-isolation of the house. Plus, the visa is “Acquainted”, which implies acceptance of penalties of up to 1000 rubles or a prison term of up to 3 years if someone gets infected and dies from me, as I am at risk and in the ward I had contact with a patient COVID -19.

April 2, 2020, Th.

In the morning they tell me that I have a positive smear on coronavirus. Again a bunch of papers. After lunch, the ambulance takes me to Kommunarka. Here, upon admission, they again take smears, hand over 4 blood tubes, and do CT again for comparison. They put in a ward for two, but I'm here alone. The conditions are simply gorgeous. Each bed has a bedside table, a receiver on it. The air conditioning in the ceiling is huge. Above the head are slots for various devices, so that if necessary, connect. On the rope hangs a nurse call console. Opposite the wall is a TV, an air disinfection apparatus, such as ultraviolet light. I leave the room only in the shower with toilet. For each house they are individual. You can’t move anywhere else. All food is hermetically packed. Each device is also separate. Spoon fork knife. Everything is very sterile and strict. It's good. If not for the state. Weakness, headache, coughing, although not constant, but in fits. A lot of sputum leaves. Tired of spitting. But they say it's good. I believe them. There is nothing left for me to do.


Given the new data from American scientists published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine [Lauer SA, Grantz KH, Bi Q. The Incubation Period of COVID-19 From Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases: Estimation and Application. - Ann Intern Med. March 10, 2020], according to which the average incubation time of coronavirus is from 5 to 11.5 days (when symptoms occur in 97.5 percent of cases), city hospitals are real breeding grounds for the disease. Moreover, there’s nothing to blame the doctors for - everyone does everything according to the instructions. But the enemy is invisible, including to doctors. The only thing that raised questions was the story of sealing the office of Olga before she was informed about the positive tests. Here is the explicit shift of the matrices. And against the backdrop of all this, the promise of imprisonment in case of the death of those infected is completely otherworldly. How is this bedlam and which ends to look for? Olya, get better soon! ”