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Victims of the new metro line published a 700-page "Book of Violations"
8 April, 09:40
Victims of the new metro line published a 700-page "Book of Violations"
The deputies of the State and the Moscow City Duma received a weighty gift from the residents of the South-Western Administrative District. They were awarded a 700-page book "Violations in the construction of the subway".

In order not to scroll to the bottom, the name of the offender is indicated right on the cover - Mosinzhproekt JSC. This organization is the general contractor for the construction of the metro.

Lyudmila Butuzova

Recently, as a result of control and supervisory measures, Mosgosstroynadzor has revealed hundreds of violations at the general contractor during the construction of metro facilities. All of them are in the public domain (FSIS "Unified Register of Inspections" of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation), but not every Muscovite visits this site - for some, the construction of the metro is not relevant, some do not use it at all. But for the residents of Lomonosov, Akademichesky and Gagarinsky districts, where, despite the protests, the construction of a new section of the Kommunarskaya (Troitskaya) line begins, the metro is a headache. And constant concern for the fate of their houses, under which or near which it is planned to lay.

The fact is that in 2012 Sobyanin's team announced that now, for the sake of economy, the metro will be built in a cheap way of shallow bedding. The metro builders are tasked with “building quickly”, “delivering the facility two years ahead of time”, thereby forcing them to violate the requirements of the law - to save time and money on engineering surveys; work without a project that has passed the examination; violate construction technology. The residents were “reassured” that there was no danger for them, the Committee for State Construction Supervision of the city of Moscow is constantly monitoring the design documentation and the construction of the metro.

- We got acquainted with the published results of the control of Mosgosstroynadzor in relation to Mosinzhproekt JSC and were horrified, - said to NI, one of the compilers of the Book of Violations, Lyubov Ezerova. - It turns out that builders often work without a building permit, violate the requirements of projects, construction rules and regulations, and JSC "Mosinzhproekt" improperly exercises control over the work of contractors.

The worst thing for residents is that builders often do not fulfill the safety requirements provided for the safety of buildings and structures that have fallen into the construction zone, do not conduct geotechnical monitoring, and do not take protective measures.

As a result of this work, accidents and dangerous incidents have become more frequent. For example, a 4-storey building in the 2nd Graivoronovsky passage was damaged; the load-bearing walls of a two-storey building in 1st Silikatny proezd partially collapsed. What can we expect? More promises that everything will be fine? Already with the beginning of construction work, our “general's” house began to sink into the “yellow slurry”. The public commission records that work is often carried out without documents or with “documents” without seals and signatures. We stop some work, and when the public inspectors leave, they continue.

The same thing seems to be happening with official checks. The residents had the idea to record all the violations identified by Mosgosstroynadzor in relation to Mosinzhproekt, to organize them into groups - permits, fire safety, inadequate construction control, off-design work etc. On the basis of these materials, compile a “Book of Violations” and hand it over to the deputies for systematic work on reforming the Moscow construction industry and combating violations of urban planning legislation.

- How long did it take to write such a volume of 700 pages? Who did it?

- The information was collected by ordinary caring people. On a voluntary basis. Three people worked directly on the book and brought it to the printing house, I was among them. The work took three months. We are going to continue it, as we see that violations at Mosinzhproekt are not decreasing, the construction of the metro remains a dangerous business.

- How did the deputies meet your work?

- At the checkpoint in the Moscow City Duma, the book was accepted calmly, even a stamp was put on registration. In the State Duma, strict coronavirus restrictions, the book was proposed to be dumped in one box with correspondence from voters. We did not agree to this, we sent it by mail with a notification, so that we could be sure that the book was delivered to the State Duma to the heads of four factions and the speaker of the State Duma Volodin. They also sent a copy by mail to Putin, Mishustin, to the administration President, to the mayor Sobyanin, the heads of the construction complex Bochkarev and Zagrutdinov, to Mosexpertiza. We hope that the chairman of the Moscow City Duma Shaposhnikov will personally receive the book. As reported by the press service of the Moscow parliament, literally on the eve of our action, he met with the head of the Mosinzhproekt holding, Yuri Kravtsov, and discussed issues of strategic partnership in the construction of the Moscow metro. It was supposed to advise the deputies by the holding's specialists in the preparation of legislative documents on the metro. Sending a book Shaposhnikov, we would like him to get acquainted with the revealed violations before, than asking for advice from offenders.

- Aren't the deputies aware of what is happening with the construction of the metro in Moscow?

- It depends on which deputies ... We are helped by the heads of municipalities Elena Rusakova (Gagarinsky district), Margarita Shefer (Academic), Gordey Nefedov (Lomonosovsky), and other mudeps are fighting this nightmare. They have completely different views, but no one has any doubts that this is sabotage, not construction. Rashkin helps, MHD deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Yabloko, Mitrokhin, Timonov, Loktev, Yanchuk. I'm afraid to even forget someone. But the top, on which the vector of urban planning policy largely depends, and in particular, the expansion of metro lines, at best avoid meetings with the public, at worst they assent to the executive authorities that everything is fine in these areas, people have nothing to worry about. But we are also persistent, we will continue to fight to restore order at construction sites and for security guarantees for Muscovites.

- Is the Book of Violations one of the instruments of this struggle? What is her circulation?

- We released forty copies, all sold out on the first day. We will print it as soon as we collect the money. The first edition cost 40 thousand rubles, the hat was put in a circle. There is also an electronic version available here. We have already begun work on the second volume, we are studying the materials of the new inspections of Mosgosstroynadzor.

Photo by Vera Kochina