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Housewarming with deception: residents of Maryina Roshcha no longer want renovation
9 December 2020, 09:59
Housewarming with deception: residents of Maryina Roshcha no longer want renovation
In mid-November, the official resource of the urban planning complex stroi.mos.ru announced the start of the relocation under the renovation program in the Maryina Roshcha area at 18, 1st Streletsky pr. A few days later, residents of the brick five-story building on the street.

Annenskaya, 9 threw inspection orders into the mailboxes. And so it got started...

Lyudmila Butuzova

Соседство с железной дорогой шокировало будущих новоселов

The "bride" turned into a grandiose scandal - the settlers almost went deaf near the new house and, upon returning to their Annenskaya, announced their withdrawal from the renovation program.

"Wow! Well this is a house from a famous old joke: "Grandma, is it good to live near the railway? - Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes", - the head of the initiative group tells the correspondent of Novye Izvestia residents Natalya Kokovina. - And now such "happiness" unexpectedly came to us - to move to a new building 39 meters from the railway tracks. Not only will you go deaf, you will go mad! The traffic is intense, the trains whistle incessantly - people need to dodge, - there is no underground passage, no protective screens. In general, there is nothing but a painted house in a former garbage dump. We looked: uh, no, guys, we are not playing such a renovation.

For the residents of the five-story brick building on Annenskaya, surrounded by green areas and infrastructure, the move to the railway was such an unpleasant blow that a meeting to exit the program was prepared in a matter of days. Out of all 30 apartments, only one is "in deviators", the rest are determined: it is better to stay in the old place than to allow officials to deceive people again and again.

"Old Place" is a house built in 1961, individual layout, large apartments, a huge green courtyard, a stadium, well-developed infrastructure. Recently, a high-quality overhaul was made with the replacement of windows and utilities. How did this house end up being renovated?

Yes, as usual - one tenant did not come to vote, another did not understand what it was about, the third succumbed to persuasion that the area “has already been sold, and they will give you even better”. According to this scheme, 24 houses in Maryina Roshcha were renovated, four of them - on Annenskaya Street - the most attractive for the developer. But about this already guessed later.

“Of course, our house was not chosen by chance”, - says Alexander Nikulin, the owner of apartment № 2, - It is well located for future development: green areas, a sports stadium can be demolished if necessary, and the proximity to various social infrastructure facilities significantly increases the investment attractiveness of the land plot. Old residents with their own interests did not fit into this business plan".

Of course! The land under house No. 9, according to the cadastral estimate, is worth 260 million rubles, and the developer gets it for free. In return, the renovation fund offers residents housing in the industrial zone, with a land plot estimated by the cadastre at 13 million rubles.

Nevertheless, people were dissuaded in the opposite - "all the best and the most precious will be for you."

"We were really called two launch sites literally near our house", - says Natalya Kokovina, - "We are sitting, waiting. There was no talk at all about the house near the railway, and we did not pay attention to it - it is being built and is being built. For someone, but not for us. Probably, all residents of the Maryina Roshcha district thought so. Now that we have rebelled, there are hardly any volunteers for this hell. But there are no other starting houses nearby. This means that people will be processed, persuaded and forced - renovation should go forward and not stand still.

Processing is in full swing. As soon as the residents recorded a video message to the officials who had cheated them on the Khrust Renovatsii channel a couple of weeks ago, a deputy contacted the initiative group. the heads of the council for work with the population - allegedly in order to listen to wishes. By the way, on September 17, on the social network Facebook, the head of the Maryina Roshcha municipal district, Ekaterina Ignatova, after inspecting the first starting house on Streletsky Proezd, publicly admitted: “There were a lot of discussions and disputes that the residents of the house would listen to the noise from the nearby MCD trains, but in windows with good noise insulation are installed..."

Even then, this aroused indignation among the residents, although it was not known which house of the twenty-four included in the program would move into the house on the railroad. And now at a meeting with the "lucky ones" from Annenskaya, 9 the government began to praise the renovation new building: 11 floors; barrier-free environment; underground parking; comfort class finishing; glazed loggias; boxes for air conditioners; a playground and flower gardens in the courtyard... According to residents, 90% of the advertising does not correspond to reality: the area of the apartments is smaller than in the five-story building, and the finish is kondovaya, and you pay for the underground parking, which they did not have, and a house made of shit concrete against theirs brick... But they praise the same without batting an eye.

"The course of the renovation program and the behavior of the renovation fund and, especially, the management reminds me of American films about traveling salesmen. Who, by hook or by crook, sniff gullible people who cannot understand the subject of any real shit. It remains only to wonder what it is like for the people in the fund and in the councils to play this role of salesmen", - Anastasia Kryuchkova left a comment on this meeting, representative of the Moscow Group for the Protection of Residents' Rights in the Implementation of the Renovation Program. But it turned out that the soulful speeches of the "salesmen" do not really affect the experimental citizens.

"They sing, and I think: if they drive us there, my children will have to overcome two busy roads and one railway crossing at least twice a day just to attend school", - says the tenant of apartment number 21 Maria, mother of three children... "This is not an improvement, but a deterioration in living conditions, since renovation is not only a new house, but also a comfortable and safe infrastructure. They promise to remove the railway crossing under the ground, but do not even indicate at what time. As far as I know, in the Donskoy region, a similar transition was expected for about 20 years, and it was opened only in September 2020... I am not going to risk children under any circumstances".

This was followed by the reaction of the prefecture: the district publications reported that the resettlement from the "basement house" at 9 Annenskaya would allow settling 5 communal apartments. And there, the communal apartments turned out to be the most persistent - they do not want to go to the railroad and none of them cares about life in a house without a basement. Then the prefecture entered from the other side - through one of the residents a horror story was launched into the house chat: “if we leave the program, our house will be recognized as emergency, and the residents will be relocated to New Moscow”. Again, no one was scared, on the contrary, it was decided to hurry up with the meeting, until some provocateur concluded the first barter agreement, and then everyone, like pretty little people, will be deported to the railroad. Actually, there are no provocateurs among the tenants, but...

“And we found a lady whom we hadn’t seen in our house for 10 years”, - Natalya Kokovina says unkindly about the helpful clerks in the North-East Administrative District. - The lady allegedly lives in a communal apartment (in fact, she rents her room to guest workers) and with every fiber of her heart wishes for a speedy resettlement. Clerks are clerks, but the position of the prefect is surprising. The legitimate claims of the majority of residents are completely ignored, they do not answer us, they do not meet with us, the green light is only for an early resettlement. On the other hand - and we know this - meetings are being held behind closed doors in the prefecture, at which a decision was made "not to let anyone out of the program". In particular, to make the residents of our house an unofficial proposal - to move to another launch site, provided that they do not leave the renovation program. That is, they twist and twist again instead of admitting that the renovation in Maryina Roscha did not work out and let go of the disillusioned people with the world.

In principle, this is possible.

Юрист Клим Лихачев обьясняет жильцам их права

Klim Likhachyov, a lawyer and representative of the group for the protection of the rights of Muscovites in the implementation of the renovation program, believes that “program participants have the right to independently determine the limits of their participation in the renovation, the possibility of exiting the program is provided for by law, including if the renovation proposed for resettlement the house doesn't meet their expectations". The withdrawal from the program was legalized by Resolution №. 624 of the Moscow Government. After a general meeting of owners and tenants, the will of the residents of a particular house considered pronounced. In this case, two conditions must be met: the decision to withdraw must be supported by the owners who have more than one third of the votes of the total number of votes of all owners, and the meeting itself must be held before the conclusion of the first social employment contract or barter contract.

So simple?! There are 30 apartments in the house on Annenskaya Street, all outside and not a single owner who would like the house by the railroad. Can we assume that they are already free as birds?

"This is the position - to leave after learning that the built house does not meet expectations - the sweet dreams of Muscovites and the nightmare of renovators", - Klim Likhachyov cools the ardor, - "Considering that this is the first daring challenge in Moscow, I am sure that residents may face numerous administrative obstacles, tricks and pressure".

"For the prefect of the North-Eastern Administrative District, as well as for the head of the council Maryina Roshcha, the refusal to move to the starting house after its construction is not a small-town scandal. This is a reputational loss for the entire renovation program and, accordingly, the risk of a negative precedent for the city authorities in the increasing flight from their favorite program. The stakes in it are so high that even such a local scandal could lead to the removal of the prefect from his post. Hence the psychological pressure on the residents, and the convulsive search for compromise solutions such as "you just don't go out, and we will give you something better for that". Let me remind you: such a proposal has no legal force, it is not provided for by law, and the prefecture itself is not authorized to distribute "good" houses and apartments. The decision to allocate resources for the relocation of renovation participants is within the competence of the Department of Urban Development Policy of the city with the participation of the Moscow Housing Renovation Fund. At the same time, if an appropriate order is adopted, providing for the selective relocation of renovation participants to the starting house, the last word will be for the "provider" - DGI Moscow (City Property Department), which, by virtue of the provisions of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the status of the capital of the Russian Federation", has the right to file claims on the eviction of citizens from the premises they occupy, if an exchange agreement is concluded with any of the owners. The knees of the chosen one trembled - and there will be no violation of rights, there will be no need to oppose the assembly and please the inhabitants with fantastic promises. The routine of a regular court eviction will begin. And it's not a fact that the protesters will be allowed to wait for the construction of a new house in their old apartments..."

"No, we are all in a fighting mood, our knees are not trembling and we do not need any renovation from the authorities. We want to stay in our house, in our place", - Natalya Kokovina, the head of the initiative group of residents, told Novye Izvestia.

Meeting will be held in three days. Perhaps they will prove that Baranovsky is wrong. Good luck!