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In Moscow, almost half of the monthly rainfall fell per day
12 August, 09:49
In Moscow, almost half of the monthly rainfall fell per day
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Over the past 24 hours, 36 mm of precipitation fell in the capital, which is almost half of the entire monthly norm.

According to the Moscow meteorological office, the precipitation rate for August in the capital is 77 mm. At the same time, 31 mm of precipitation fell in the city alone overnight - 40% of the August norm.

“During the day, about 47% of the monthly precipitation rate fell on the city. The data was received at 6:00 from the main meteorological station in Moscow at VDNKh", - notes" Interfax".

According to forecasters, the day of August 12 in Moscow may be the rainiest day since the beginning of the century. It is expected to rain until 18:00. For the entire time of meteorological observations, the rainiest is considered August 12, 1980, when 38.2 mm of precipitation fell per day.

Earlier record rains took place in several regions of the country at once. In the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, a "biblical flood" was recorded, which brought great destruction and provoked human casualties. The downpour filled the reservoirs, providing the Crimea, which was languishing from a prolonged drought, with a two-year supply of fresh water.

Recall that heavy rains fell to Kerch in mid-June. In just two days, a two-month rainfall fell. Hundreds of houses were flooded, communications were cut off. About 1.5 thousand people were recognized as victims of flooding in the region. One person died, he was carried away by the stream of water. Another one is missing. Flood victims were allocated 10 thousand rubles each, and those whose property suffered 100 thousand.