PIC OF THE DAY: Consensus Found for Lubyanka Square!
18 February , 14:54
In order to reconcile the different sides in the dispute about what should be fixed up on the Lubyanka, Internet users offered an option that would suit everyone - Alyonka from Novovoronezh.

This funny photo-toad was posted on his blog by poet and publicist Alexey Tsvetkov with the words: “Yes, that's the only way. The image of the beloved homeland in the heart of the beloved capital..."

It is known that after the speech of cultural figures Prokhanov and Prilepin, who appealed to the Moscow authorities to return the monument to Dzerzhinsky to the Lubyanka, a noisy discussion about the legality of this proposal began in the media and social networks. As an alternative to Iron Felix, Grand Duke Ivan the Third, Yuri Andropov, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andrey Sakharov were proposed - that is, characters that clearly will not arouse universal approval.

Meanwhile, as Novye Izvestia has already reported, the Commission for the Development of Civil Society and Public Control of the Public Chamber of Moscow also supported the installation of a "dominant" (any large object - a monument, composition, etc.) on Lubyanskaya Square. Now the question, which one, will be decided by the Moscow City Duma, whose chairman Alexey Shaposhnikov proposed to put the issue to a citywide referendum.

It remains to be hoped that among the applicants there will be a place for the founder of this city, Alyonka, expelled from Novovoronezh, whose statue was recently put up for auction and sold for 2.6 million rubles.