Russians are less likely to drink up to delirium tremens during the self-isolation regime
24 April , 11:55
The Ministry of Health has not recorded an increase in the number of admissions to narcological clinics since the introduction of the self-isolation regime. Moreover, the indicator even decreased slightly.

- We calculated how many people arrived three days before the self-isolation, and how many in the last three days. About 200-270 people came to our Moscow Narcology Center in three days, from 50 to 100 people a day, and then and now, Interfax quotes the words of the chief narcologist of the Ministry of Health Igor Bryun.

Bryun even noted a “slight decrease in negotiability.” According to him, now only those citizens are admitted to the clinic whose hospitalization cannot be postponed.

“These people are brought to the center by ambulance with psychoses, severe withdrawal symptoms with somatic complications", - the expert explained.

Demand for alcoholic beverages in Russia increased only in the first week of self-isolation. In the second week, it showed a gradual decline. But an expert on the alcohol market, Mikhail Smirnov, believes that demand is falling because citizens have already bought alcohol for the future.

By the wasy, the hangover drugs became more popular. In just four days from April 9 to 12, the Russians purchased about 800 thousand packs of such drugs.