The figure of the day: in one day in Moscow, drivers violated the self-isolation regime by 1 billion rubles in total
24 April , 17:45
For each passage under the camera without a digital pass, a fine of 5 thousand rubles is issued.

Autoexpert Sergey Loginov shared extremely interesting information on his blog about how Moscow makes money on quarantine:

“According to MADI statistics, more than 230 thousand drivers traveled around Moscow in cars without a corresponding digital pass. The MADI emphasizes that if the information from the surveillance cameras is confirmed, they all face a fine of 5 thousand rubles.

Moreover, a fine is issued for each passage under the camera. It is easy to calculate that if the number of cars without passes is confirmed, then the total amount of fines exceed 1,150,000,000 rubles.


Where are our social activists? Petr Shkumatov , can you comment on the situation?

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation clarified that such fines are illegal, the federal Administrative Code does not have a fixing rate for self-isolation ... Are you free people, are we friends? ”

Public figure Peter Shkumatov did not fail to answer:

“By decision of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, fines from cameras cannot be issued to owners. If there are such fines, we will sue MADI. While they are fined only in words. There is not a single person who would receive a fine..."