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But tobacco is of different brands: Russian pop music artists refused to go to a concert in Minsk
8 August 2020, 09:04
But tobacco is of different brands: Russian pop music artists refused to go to a concert in Minsk
The Belarusian opposition is sure that the Russian pop stars, at their request, refused to support Lukashenko, who invited the Russians to a pre-election concert, but most likely the Kremlin did not recommend them to do so, and besides, they will not pay for him.

Journalist Yelena Rykovtseva comments on a funny situation with the participation of Russian pop music in her blog:

“Listen, that's where the laughter and the theater of the absurd are. I read the news of the radio "Moscow Says": "Leonid Agutin, Stas Piekha, Yulianna Karaulova and the Kar-Man group refused to go to Belarus for Lukashenko's" pre-election concert "on August 8. This decision was made by the performers after numerous requests and reproaches from Russian fans”.

Damn, I think, what kind of talk in the ranks of pop music? These Russian fans - are they for the Belarusian opposition ?! Like zapadlo to sing for Old Man?! This cannot be. I read further:

“Free shows on the eve of the election day were organized by the Belarusian authorities. Earlier, Grigory Leps said that he intends to go and speak, despite the detention of Russian citizens and their placement in a pre-trial detention center, because "people are waiting for him".

Aaaaa !!!! Finally I got it. These are supposedly "fans" who are allegedly protesting against the detention of thugs from the Wagner PMC in Minsk and demand that the idols punish the father with a boycott. Right now, their whole pop fan crowd was terribly concerned about the fate of these militants. And the idols supposedly obey the fans! The fans said - in protest, do not go to the daddy - we are not going! Conscience is more valuable than money! And only Leps does not obey. He does not care about the detained "Russian citizens".

OK. Let's wait for August 8th. I suppose these "fans" are sitting in such offices that if Leps goes to Minsk, he will then repeat the fate of Verka Serduchka. Divorce from TV and maiden name. A glass of vodka is not enough to pour grief.


There is another absurd twist in this situation. Here they send me comments and posts of Belarusians who "rejoice" because "Russian pop music refused to support the dictatorship. "Dear Belarusian friends. What are you talking about. Russian pop music with a dear soul will support everything that the Kremlin tells it. In this case, she was instructed to punish Old Man for the arrest of mercenaries from a PMC. “In Russian and Belarusian social networks, the participation of artists in concerts in support of Lukashenka against the background of detentions of Russian citizens drew criticism.” This is how the reason for the "boycott" is presented to the Russian Federation. All. Please do not look for a white cat where it is not..."