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Alexander Akopov: "It's an illusion of our intelligentsia that everyone watches only Netflix"
9 June, 17:54
Alexander Akopov: "It's an illusion of our intelligentsia that everyone watches only Netflix"
Photo: youtube.com
The well-known Russian producer, who created the cult TV series "Brigade", "My Fair Nanny", "Don't Be Born Beautiful" and many others, commented to the Empathy of Manuchi YouTube channel on Netflix leaving Russia, the prospect of the return of Hollywood cinema, as well as the situation with our film production.

"Our film industry has grown stronger even without the departure of American companies, and will only continue to grow stronger.

There are no problems here. Look at the technique here, is it any worse than the one in Los Angeles? No.

It's the same with content. Our audience mainly watches our Russian content.

This is the illusion of the Moscow intelligentsia and part of the St. Petersburg intelligentsia - that everyone watches Netflix, everyone watches services.

It is not true. Well, that's just not true. This is not supported by numbers.

People still watch mostly classic TV channels, either on the channels themselves or on online services. Because the nature of television has not changed.

Either a program or a film is designed for 150 million people, or for 15 million people, or for one and a half million people, or for 150 thousand people.

Therefore, if you do something, understanding who is in front of you, what kind of audience is sitting in front of you, this is exactly how television and cinema have always worked. Everyone has always understood what a film is for a mass audience, and what it is for a special, demanding, advanced audience. It is not always demanding or advanced. For example, horror films also have a relatively small audience, but I can’t call it advanced.

I see the situation with the availability of Hollywood films very simply. Either the special operation will end and filmmakers will jump back and ask for forgiveness. Or even before the end of the special operation, they will return, because of the money. You see, this is a very perishable product.

If a movie doesn't hit theaters, it gets pirated, and you'll never make any money from it again.

Therefore, they are now scraping what they are accustomed to there. And they write tearful papers to their party committee.

Type: return, allow, we are losing money. It's clear that it's all coming back, it's not going anywhere".

The full video with the participation of Alexander Akopov can be viewed here.