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"Go to doctors, not sorcerers": journalist Belyaev defeated cancer and wrote a book about it
10 December 2020, 18:33
"Go to doctors, not sorcerers": journalist Belyaev defeated cancer and wrote a book about it
Music critic Sasha Belyaev describe in his book about how he fought cancer, warning his readers against communicating with sorcerers and traditional healers.

Angelica Zaozerskaya

Today the presentation of the book of the music critic, translator Sasha Belyaev "The Man in the Bandana" took place. The book of Sasha Belyaev, in his own words, consists of his posts in the fb, which he wrote over a year. On the eve of the presentation of the book, the author posted an excerpt from it on the network, which talks about the dangers of folk remedies, advice from psychics and sorcerers in the treatment of cancer - the fact is that Sasha himself also underwent cancer treatment, regularly talking about his well-being in the fb, and thousands of subscribers worried about him. This excerpt is from the third chapter of the book, which is called "There are wonderful doctors in the Philippines...":

“(I) understand people who hide the diagnosis. They are afraid that the attitude towards them will change. They are afraid that they will not be communicated with in some way. Alas, these fears are not unfounded.

A wonderful message fell from one enlightened lover of the East. Such an abstract lover of the abstract East, who is against the conventional West... So, the message was like "Sasha, there are such magic doctors in the Philippines, they treat everything without surgery, sell everything and go".

These "doctors" are so-called healers, and they were exposed as charlatans back in the seventies. And everyone knows that.

In the documentary film, it seems, "Shocking Asia" is very clearly shown how this "doctor" pours on the patient's stomach the blood of an animal stored in advance, then from this pool of blood supposedly, but in fact, from the sleeve of his witch's robe, pulls out again what -that is chicken ventricles and liver: so, they say, what I removed with my bare hands!

How many people have these bastards maimed or sent to the next world! But no, faith is alive. As Marcel Proust wrote, facts cannot shake faith, because they did not create it. But it's better to trust the facts...

But, alas, people do not hesitate to promote and promote their faith / superstition, recruiting new adherents of their cults from those who are really bad, whose health, or even life, is in danger.

And healers with herbs will not answer for anything and to anyone. And what - the patient himself chose to drink chaga, for example.

They gave me a can of chaga. In Solzhenitsyn's "Cancer Ward", the heroine, a doctor, who suspects she has oncology, argues that dark people are chasing this kombucha, and, of course, it's funny, but on the other hand, what does modern oncology know about this?

Then maybe she didn't know. Now six decades have passed, and now he knows. No, people, there is no way out, except for one thing: normal, science-based treatment. Surveys, second opinion (this is when the results are shown to several different doctors). Only evidence-based medicine, only hardcore. I can give Chaga to whoever needs it. It seems delicious..."

Further, Belyaev talks about supposedly compassionate people who attacked him with their advice:

“Two girls advised me to deal with my head and inner world. Meditate, go to yoga and tai chi. I wanted to scream: you, damn fool, or what? I have a tumor in my stomach, under my heart, it will devour me if it is not cut off urgently, and you are talking about some kind of physical education ... By the way, I went to school to learn Tai Chi. Difficult thing, really. Indeed, more about the head than about the muscles. Maybe I'll do it, by the way, because in regular sports I am now very limited. But you must first be cured..."

By the way, in the comments under this post, one of the readers shares her experience:

“We were told, and dad's sister, that somewhere about 300 km from Moscow time, a sorcerer lives in a remote village. We are very educated people, a medical family, my grandfather was a professor of dermatology, head. Department of the First Medical Institute, Doctor of Science. They study from his textbooks to this day. But here we go. With a fool, with dad. After my surgery. There a man met a homeless-looking man, about 60 years old, he took me into a room, said to undress, and began to read prayers. And then he said that we would now have sex with him - and he would “suck” the disease out of me.

I ran out of there like scalded. It's good that my father and I were his assistant.

Conclusion - which it was - you can only trust traditional medicine. Alexander, great health and happiness to you, everything will be great! "

The foreword to the book was written by the famous critic Pavel Basinsky:

“An honest, piercing, transparent book written by a writer and journalist, not invented, but born from within a difficult life situation, which changes not only life, but also consciousness. And it turns out that in this situation there are bright sides and here the victory of the human spirit over a physical illness is possible. Read on! And maybe you will understand something about yourself..."