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The Ministry of Education has published a complete set of new rules for the Russian language
11 November 2021, 10:18
The Ministry of Education has published a complete set of new rules for the Russian language
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Many new words have appeared in it, mastered by the language since the approval of the previous set 60 years ago.

RIA Novosti has published a new set of rules for Russian spelling, which should come into force by the end of the year. In the preface, the authors note that more than 60 years have passed since 1956, when the general "Spelling Dictionary of the Russian Language" was published. Much has changed since then. In the formulations of the rules, many omissions and inaccuracies were found, and in life there were noticeable social shifts that were reflected in the language and writing: a lot of new words and constructions appeared, the spelling of which is not regulated by the existing rules, and therefore it is unclear how to write them.

Among the new rules of the Ministry of Education:

  • recommendations for writing new words: dealer, killer, offshore, default, realtor, karate, low-cost airline, car sharing and many others. others;
  • regulation of the continuous and hyphenated spelling of language units standing on the verge between a word and a part of a word: mini, midi, taxi, video, audio, media and other repeating first parts of complex words;
  • if the 1956 rules indicate only three words in which the letter e should be written after a strong consonant: mayor, peer and sir, then in the new set of such words there are much more. Among them there are many recent borrowings, as well as proper names: laptop, rap, Deng Xiaoping, Davis, Rambo, Salinger, Blair, Maryland, Taipei, etc .;
  • recommendations for the use of the letter y;
  • recommendations for the use of capital letters.

The complete set of rules will be approved by the end of 2021.