The pic of the day: the Blessed Virgin in a military temple looks a lot like the Soviet Mother Motherland
15 June , 17:35
The painting of the main temple of the Armed Forces of Russia reminded many of the famous poster of the Second World War.

Of course, the new church has nothing in common with Orthodoxy or Christianity at all, at least only because of the fact that this religion fundamentally opposes ANY murder - both in everyday life and at war. True, in the history of Christianity there were built a lot of such temples, but this only speaks of people's misunderstanding of the teachings of Christ.

The journalist Ilya Barabanov drew attention to the specific feature of the new church:

“But doesn’t it seem to you that instead of the Blessed Virgin some kind of a Soviet poster “Mother Motheland is calling” was created?

There were many answers to the question, here are just a few of them:

- This temple has nothing to do with God.

- Yes, I saw a good name - the image of the Virgin "is from the profession".

- Yes, this is the image: “Judah - get out of class!”

- She doesn't even call. She says: “Come out and come in the class, as it should be!”

- This is rather such a tired mother, who is saying to the elder, “Warm up the soup, it's on the gas cooker! Do not want to? Then sit down and prepare your lessons!”

“It doesn't seem so, becausr it is so. And Jesus on the dome looks more like a God of war".