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Actor Viktor Yevgrafov, who played Moriarty, dies
20 October 2021, 16:19
Actor Viktor Yevgrafov, who played Moriarty, dies
At the age of 74, Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Evgrafov, who played Professor Moriarty in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, has died. A blood clot came off the artist, which became the cause of death.

"Victor Ivanovich Yevgrafov, the most important Moriarty of world cinema, has died. It's impossible to believe it! Only yesterday he called and asked to contact the Samara branch of the Union of Cinematographers in order to transfer the archives. Viktor Ivanovich was recovering from the "crown", - says the message of "Samarafilm".

The artist will be buried at the "Actors' Alley" of the Samara city cemetery.

Viewers Viktor Yevgrafov is known mainly for the role of Professor Moriarty. By the way, in 2007, a series of coins with the heroes of Soviet films about Sherlock Holmes was released in New Zealand, which depicted, among other things, Viktor Evgrafov as Moriarty. However, he was not only an actor, but also a stuntman. Moreover, he headed the Kolovrat Historical Stunt Studio in Togliatti and trained stuntmen for films.